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You’re the only player

“We think you should get to want it,
and we think you should get to get it now.

We think you should get to live the benefit of your own powerful movement through life experience.
Nothing should be denied you.

If you have the power to want it,
this Universe has the power to give it to you,
but you have to find vibrational alignment with it
in order to let it in.

..You’re the only player in this game.
It’s just you and you. That’s all it is.

All those other people, who are saying, “No, it’s me, no, it’s me!
I’m the one who you must consider, you have to listen to my rules,
you have to do it my way, you have to consider what I want!”

All they are – is just data that helps you to identify what you want.
They’ve already served their purpose – you know what you want.
Line up with it. They’re all irrelevant now.

Don’t you love knowing that?
The people who think they choose you for the movie roles, are irrelevant.
The people who think they’re the power behind things, they are irrelevant.
The only thing that’s relevant, is your desire
and your relationship with it.

The stream is flowing, go with it!
No one can deprive you of anything,
The basis of your life is absolute freedom.

We would say: “My work is to find any thought
that feels sorta-kinda-slightly better than the thought I had before.”
That’s your work.
Because when you say: “My work is to completely line up with my vision,”
and somebody is in your face, which makes it temporarily impossible for you,
to line up with your vision,
then if you take yourself for your absolute word,
then you feel like a failure in this moment,
you’re moving upstream.

But if instead you say: “My work is just to make the best of this, and the best of this,”….

Another thing: When you try to line up with the precision of your vision,
you can’t do it, because you can’t even begin to know,
what the precision of your vision is.

Where if you’re reaching for a feeling,
rather than the precise thought that you think will get you there,
you’ll go with the flow, and it is so much easier.” — AH

from here: Abraham-Hicks – Sweet Revenge