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I found such a good process!

I called it “Trampoline”. I was just trying to find a feeling place for a financial desire (just because when I find its feeling place, its “physical feeling inside me”, as Klaus Joehle teaches, then I feel so good! peaceful, calm, I can then ponder on it and really see why I feel so good there.. I love it), but it felt uncomfortable. And hearing Abraham’s new motto “go general”, I applied it there.. to discover a new process, with a surprise-miracle in the end!

I got so excited, that I already did two of these processes:

They’re with numbers, as they’re, too, of those self-coaching pages one can do to raise the vibration and feel better.

Here’re some more processes I recently added:

The Sweet Having Map is one of the processes I love the most. It gives me such a warm feeling…. maybe because I really love chocolate. :)

When to act, how it feels

(“Abraham – At what point should he take action?”: video)