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I found that even though I did the vibrational work, when creating focus felights, but sometimes I come back to the same issues, and going through them again helps me to shift again to a better feeling.

(If you never used focus delights – they are like focus wheels, but not exactly, even though sometimes they contain emotional ladders similar to those of focus wheels.

Focus delights let you compare, which thought feels better, really feel the difference, and when you compare several times, back and forth, the power of the good feeling from the better feeling thought is so huge, that it pulls you to it.

It shifts the criterion for choosing the thought. It gives you often two opposite variants, to let you feel the difference and get a chance to surrender to the guidance from your Source.

When you try it, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. :) For me, focus delights proved to be the most powerful tools.)

But to open those pages on the blog was too heavy on the mobile phone, so I created the lightest pages, really really minimal, almost only text, which I then can open many times during the day, wherever I am.

Today I got great help, just when I needed it, from these two:

1. Focus delight (general) (full version is here)
this one is good when you have this unsettling feeling, doubting what you’re about to do, or feeling not really doing what you should do;

6. Focus delight (validation, “results”) (full version is here)
this one is good when you do something, and not really see the results you were hoping for.

The list you could bookmark on your mobile phone, is:
from there you can easily find what suits you best, every time you come there.

Here’s to the better feeling. :)

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(“Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling”: video)

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