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Standpoint of a Deliberate Allower: New Version

Revisioned from here.

“I’m delegating solving this problem to the Universe

and since I, dealing with this contrast, gave birth to something really wonderful in my Vortex,

I will focus on connecting with my Source,
to connect with what I put there in my Vortex,
to feel these wonderful things that I put there,
to feel reconnected with mySelf, the Expanded Version of Me,
with my newly added power.

As long as this contrast still feels like a problem that should be solved,
it simply means that there still are some benefits in my Vortex, which I haven’t connected to, yet.
So I’ll wonder, what they are? how they feel?

And I feel and appreciate my love and my power.”

OMG, such a sweet feeling!!!!! :))

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