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Placemat process

The details of the Placemat Process I mentioned in the previous post:

(“Abraham – The power of the placemat process”: video)

When I’m doing my 3-column process (A twist on Focus Wheeling, that helps me A LOT!), by the idea someone once gave me, I sometimes complete it, assigning all I wrote in the right (“in the Vortex”) column, to the Universe to bring to me. :)

Sometimes it gives me some more doubts, then I solve it like I did here.

Sync: a Placemat Process thread from that forum.


Also by Abraham-Hicks, I’m using it a lot:


I’m getting relief when setting there my intentions for the day and for my life. It’s also perfect like a Placemat process: assigning “this is for me to do, and the rest – for the Universe!!” :) Like Abraham says, setting segment intentions makes my day much more deliberately controlled, set in the direction I choose. And it also teaches me – little by little, every day.

Such a pleasant technique

(The new joy technique.)

It’s a perpetual flip calendar, with extracts from “Ask and It Is Given” by Abraham-Hicks, and today’s quote there is:

“There is nothing that you
cannot be, do or have; and
we want to assist you in achiev-
ing that. But we love where you
are right now, even if you do not,
because we understand how joyful
the journey to where you want
to go will be.”

And I’m basking in it the whole day :) taking subject by subject what I want and then thinking the following:

1. It’s possible (“there is nothing that you cannot be, do, have”).

2. My path there will be joyful. That’s it, the struggle is over. From now on it’s a joyful journey.

And with each phrase, each thought, such a relief ripples through me! :)
I love it. I love you, Abraham. :) And Esther, and Jerry. And you, my reader. Have a wonderful day! :)

New joy

A present I made to myself this New Year, is this:

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