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Saying No?

I suddenly realized it now: when some friend is calling me, and I feel I don’t want to talk to him at this moment, or someone is suggesting that we meet, or talk, and I’m reluctant to give my phone number, even though our relationship is good, and he is a good person, and it can offend him,

(as Moran, http://tantralev.co.il, said at this seminar: “When you feel reluctant to say NO to someone, see it like this: by saying NO to him, you’re saying YES to yourself”),

so what I just realized – when it’s happening, I’m just feeling that he’s not a vibrational match to me, and so giving up to the feelings of guilt or pleasing, and speaking to him, I would accustom to this lower vibration, which is not good for me.

As I paraphrase what Abraham said,

“It’s their job to figure it out, and they are.
It’s my job to be joyful and I am.”

Good realization to remember. :)