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listening to Telling a New Story

“it’s your job to come back to your frequency, it’s not whoever-irritated-you’s job to do something less irritating, they can’t do something less irritating. In many cases they were born to irritate you. It’s what they do best. It’s how they get their kicks” :))

OMG! Such a useful plugin!

Tag Grouping

It saves so much time! Now I just define tag groups, and can simply check ONE checkbox for a whole group of tags to be added.

Standpoint of a Deliberate Allower: New Version

Revisioned from here.

“I’m delegating solving this problem to the Universe

and since I, dealing with this contrast, gave birth to something really wonderful in my Vortex,

I will focus on connecting with my Source,
to connect with what I put there in my Vortex,
to feel these wonderful things that I put there,
to feel reconnected with mySelf, the Expanded Version of Me,
with my newly added power.

As long as this contrast still feels like a problem that should be solved,
it simply means that there still are some benefits in my Vortex, which I haven’t connected to, yet.
So I’ll wonder, what they are? how they feel?

And I feel and appreciate my love and my power.”

OMG, such a sweet feeling!!!!! :))

Again, slight difference making great change

In Business Goddess Manifesto:

“I appreciate that business and growth can be easy, creative and fun”

I love in it, that it’s I appreciate instead of I believe, or even of what if.

I’ll take it into my focus wheels.

Gives such a relief

“I choose not for others, I choose only for me, but I condemn others NOT for what they choose.”

from here: