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Adoration of problem > easy receiving of the solution

(“Abraham Hicks: Easy receiving of solution”: video)

Billions of realities: Bashar, Abraham & BBC Documentary

(“Abraham Hicks: Billions of realities”: video)

(“Bashar – Infinite Number of Parallel Earths to Choose From”: video)

For me, it lets me allow easier what I want – “it’s not because what you change, will change the others around you. It’s that the vibration you change to, will determine which parallel Earth you’re going to.”

I do not change the people, I just change the set of my vibrations, and then go into the world, where it already is as my vibration determines. Gradually go. :)

This video is from BBC Documentary on Parallel Earths:

(“Parallel Universes – BBC Documentary”: video)

“It’s the BECOMING that is the deliciousness of life”

“We want to give you our intense appreciation
for your willingness to come forth into this physical body,
into this time-space reality,
with an eager willingness to expose yourself to the contrast that abounds.

with the intention of giving birth to new desires,
that you knew full well in the giving birth to them,
that there would be a period of time,
that you would not be vibrationally up to speed with them.

But you never for a moment
expected to be unhappy for a moment in the becoming of something

and that is the thing that we really want to impart:
we want you to understand that it is the becoming that we’re all constantly about,
that is the deliciousness of life

and when you for some reason or other,
in your screwy, lack-consciousness format,
come to some perspective that you’re not in the process of becoming,

when you perceive that you’re withering
when you perceive that you’re dwindling
when you perceive that you’re pinched off
when you perceive that life should be better for you than it is

those perceptions are your irrational conclusions that are not based upon the reality of the vibrational universe in which you live.

You cannot cease to be.
And so you don’t need to worry about ….. anything.
you don’t need to worry about not being up to speed,
because it doesn’t matter, your stream is flowing.

Your work is just to relax and allow who you are
to float easily
in the direction of who you have become.”

— Abraham-Hicks, Telling New Story

“A Motto Won’t Disappoint You”

instead of a New Year’s Eve resolution, think of a motto – what a great idea! I love it.

I took it to the extreme, and made it just a mantra, “Goddess”. Yahoo!! :)))

I knew it.. damn :)

“You cannot pull back from the desire that life causes you to give birth to.

Because you’re on the leading edge of expansion, you’re creator, you can’t pull back.

And most important – the larger part of you doesn’t pull back, and that’s really the issue. The larger part of you doesn’t pull back, so when you do, you’re bucking the current.”

— Abraham-Hicks, Telling New Story

Why damn – because sometimes these unfulfilled desires become like a ..prison! On the other side of it – it’s good that my Source holds to my desire even when I don’t.

and also, honestly, – it would be better to live the manifestation of it,

and it also reminds me that I can (and should) get it. So,

my dearest Source, I appreciate it that you hold on to my desires, even when I’m close to giving it up,

and I will try to take the benefit of it, as much I can.

Thank you :)

“You’re missing the best part of it!” – I LOVE IT!! :)

“We see you identifying these new preferences and desires, but then so often you stand in dismay or disappointment in the not-yet manifestation fullness of this whatever it is, that you want.

And we say to you, you’re missing the best part of life, when you don’t let yourself be present and in on, the feeling of the unfolding of those things.

Do you know, it could be the most glorious experience of all lifetimes, to be really sick and to be consciously present in the becoming of well again?

It could be some of the most joyous experiences of your life, to be born into poverty, and then have desire be born within you, and to be present in the allowing of the resources, that begin to flow to you.

But you cannot continue to beat the drum of what is, and be a vibrational match to the becoming of what you want!” — Abraham-Hicks

It’s from Telling New Story, I so so love it! :)