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“It’s a perfect time-space reality, and we would not change a thing”

(“Spiritual Answers for Teens pt 3 (Abraham Hicks)”: video)

* “it’s not your job, the world does not need to be changed”

* “you can regulate all your relationships, independently”

* when thinking, “do I have to do it now?” – there is no alignment to the desire. when in alignment, and inspired to action, wild horses couldn’t keep you from it :)

* “it is amazing, what flimsy excuses people use to be suffering”

30-Day Challenge

(“Abraham-Hicks – 30 Day Challenge”: video)

It’s amazing! Just today, listening to the New Resolve on my walk, I felt a decision forming within me, to commit to just being in the Vortex as much I can, in the following days. It was like “what thoughts would I choose, if being in the Vortex was really my primary intent these days? what activities would I choose? how would I look at what’s happening?”

And now this clip came to me :) Sync! :)

A slight difference, making a great change

Just heard in

(“Abraham-Hicks – Is she in alignment with getting her book published”: video)

that when in doubt (or lower), it’s not good to try and come up with the ways the manifestation can come. It’s preferable to go first GENERALLY to hope, and only then come up with detailing it, “won’t it be delicious to feel it, it could come this way, or this way, or this way.” :)