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Busted :)

I just saw this:

“Most people will not go into the Vortex to feel better, but they’ll go into the Vortex to………….” — AH in LIVE event

and realized, yes, I’m doing it to achieve my goals allow my desires to manifest physically, to handle things. But usually not to improve my feeling right now, in this moment.

As many times, again, I’m promising myself – I am worth it! I will do it for feeling good now, in the moment! I will! :)

By the way, if to think about it.. it always works much better, when I’m doing it to improve my feeling in the moment. Because then it’s easier to think what feels better, “truth” doesn’t matter so much at that moment..

And still,.. I want to do it in order to have this pleasure of feeling better in the moment.

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