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“I can live on reliefs”

I realized, that for me “Get in the Vortex” is a wrong motto: it is too far of a jump. Having it as a motto has me always in frustration, that I’m not there.

Actually, it is not different than being fixed on a manifestation and comparing all the time, if I already got it. :)

And I also thought today: on those days, when I did some processes and got into the Vortex.. what if it became possible because days preceded it, when I was just oriented on getting relief, just getting relief..

And I thought, when I’m oriented on relief, it’s easier. I can tap on my shoulder more :) celebrate more.

So here’s my new motto, everything inside me is greeting it, enjoying it, tingling with it in excitement and anticipation: “I can live on reliefs.”

Very relieving. :)

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