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An amazing gem for playing with life story

Bashar has been saying, “What is your story?”
AH have been saying, “What is your story?”

seeing in it the key, the instrument, the amusement.

Bashar even had the whole workplayshop for writing and rewriting our story. He said, when we see our life as a story with a particular structure, the archetype of “The Hero’s Journey”, we can then understand it .. more usefully. :)

Our physical part then appears to be the actor, and the Inner Being – the audience. But when we apply the storytelling structure, then we in our whole can be the audience, too, and enjoy the story as it goes.

And now I found this real gem: Emma Coats set out “22 Rules of Storytelling” based on what she learned working for the animation studio (responsible for such blockbusters as the Toy Story series and Finding Nemo), and Jessica Bogart of PBJ Publishing created an infographic for it (click the image to see it).

22 Rules for Storytelling

Such a pleasure to apply! I feel like doing a whole playshop for myself around it. :) It can be applied to the whole life, as well as to some particular streams in it.

“The way that most people are experiencing this ascension at the moment,

is that they are feeling
like they are spinning their wheels,
like they are doing all the right pieces,
but not always seeing the results.

And many times it is because of
how they measured the results.

Now, if you’re feeling stuck,
if you’re feeling like you’re doing all the right pieces,
the first thing to do
is to lose your attachment to your perspective

and to start to see
from different areas and different ways
of what your life is all about,

for that is what is changing.

And you’re receiving
much help from the Universe
in this process.” ~ The Group, “Tuning In Again”

A revelation

I just connected the dots.. or the dots were connected in me and for me. :)

1. From yesterday’s post: “because in most cases the basic concept of mentoring says:
“I know something, that would be good for you,
that you haven’t figured out,
so you’re flawed in this way.””

2. From AH LIVE Dec 10, when we deem something as wrong, even if we don’t do that (!), it is detrimental to us, this resistance. (In the LIVE they spoke about vaccinations, and AH said this: if you deem them wrong, no matter if you do them or not, it’s still detrimental to you!).

3. All the comparisons I got these days:
“when you feel jealous, you diminish yourself” ~ AH
“when you don’t respect your choices, you don’t respect yourself” ~ Bashar

4. My all-the-time feeling, that something is not quite home, when I’m thinking of my coaching clients (or any people that don’t know anything about energies) as operating .. like blind kitties, they don’t know where they move, what they do, how to go for what they want, they come to funny conclusions, trying blindly to find their way to what they want.. without a map, without seeing clearly. I feel such a shame now, when I realize this.. I want to apologize to my clients and all the people I perceived this way.

But I’ve always been thinking, “but it’s true! How can I see it any other way? They do lack this knowledge!” (Again this trap of “truth” instead of “what is it that I do want?”, even though then it became “I want them to know it! I want them to operate with open eyes!”.. Now I see, it could be “what I do want, is to feel good when looking at them, interacting with them, thinking about them, speaking to them. What would it be, that would give me this feeling good?” Probably the first thought, the relief, would be “Maybe it’s not THAT bad, that they don’t know?..”)

And now I realized:

1. Whatever I’m doing, MY deeming it wrong, that they don’t know, is detrimental and diminishing to me. I’m suppressing, judging, not letting live fully, something in ME, when I’m judging it as wrong in them, in their life.

2. I can see it as a bigger picture: that ultimately it was their choice to live these challenges in this way. And that ultimately everyone is fine, and in this moment they’re living what they intended to live. I can offer them my understanding of the situation, if they wish to hear it, but it’s not wrong, where they are, and it won’t be better when they know what I tell them. There’s no hierarchy. There’s just life.

How freeing. :)

P.S. The video the 2nd paragraph reminded me of:

(“Bashar – Ultimately Everyone is Just Fine”: video)

By the way:

“it’s how you use it.
And that’s why we simply say, circumstances don’t matter – not to discount them,
but to let you know it’s what meaning you decide to give them,
that determines, what effect you can extract from them.” ~ Bashar

Quit Your Whining :)

Together with these:

‎”Of course when you see good-feeling things you feel good.

But if you don’t allow yourself to feel better before that situation changes, this is that suffocating disallowing of who you really are.” ~ AH

‎”The idea of integration (going on Earth now) is that you have to have something to integrate! If there’s just light, – nothing to integrate.” ~ Bashar

‎”When we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are.”
~ Abraham

“The tide is rising. Catch a bigger wave.” ~ Bashar, on 11.11.11 event

‎”In your relaxation,
there is the acceptance of your worthiness.” ~ AH

‎”We want to convince you that through life,
you’ve become this vibrational being.
And it’s finding alignment with this vibrational being
that is what true love is.

Finding your soulmate is mating with your soul.
Coming into completion with who you are constantly becoming
is the first and necessary step.” – AH

‎”You aren’t alive now to be normal or ordinary, satisfied with rehashing the past. Do not settle for a carbon copy of yesterday.” ~ Selacia

“There are thousands of potential partners for you who would be equal in the satisfaction value. You’re not looking for the one and only. And where the perfect partner lies is in your vibrational range between where you are and where you want to be on the subject, in other words, you’ve got to create the perfect partner in you and the Universe will match it.” ~ AH

‎”And ‘realists’ will call you delusional till the last breath that you breathe.
But your influence will be evident, we’re not kidding you.” ~ AH

‎”Are you Source Energy in a physical body? Are you?
Then why are you putting up with emotions that don’t feel like it?” ~ AH

‎”You’re supposed to feel good and you can. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it.” ~ AH

‎”We want your desires to be your focal point of joy.” ~ AH

“It didn’t go away,
you’re just in the process
of clarifying it more.” ~ AH

‎”And sometimes you have to get yourself in a jam,
where you can’t control the condition,
in order to discover your power,
and then in the discovery of your power
the condition shifts.” ~ AH

“People are running around in enormous and unnecessary fear,
being afraid that something bad will happen to them.
And at the basis of that fear is self-imposed vulnerability:
they haven’t taken their power,
they let conditions control the way they feel.” ~ AH

‎”You get it done every time you get the emotion of well-being.” ~ AH

“You didn’t come here to be partially alive.
You came here as life to express itself in this moment, and in this moment, and in this moment.
You came to revel in it, not to fix things.” ~ AH

‎”You can bring yourself into alignment within 10 minutes,
every time.” ~ AH

Getting lost will help you find yourself. ~ Unknown

and this:

(“Rocky Leon – Quit Your Whining (on the boat from vancouver island to washington)”: video)

my mix for this morning :)

Food choices: the new clarification

One more piece from this AH LIVE, I just remembered. Abraham called it “the best discussion of food we’ve ever had.”

When someone asked, how to choose – I want to eat that twinkie, I don’t want to limit myself, but I also want my weight to go down, –

Abraham replied (not a precise quote):

“it’s not that we don’t want you to eat that twinkie,
it’s your connection with Source that you want to matter to you *the most*.

So if your eating twinkie undermines your connection with Source,
then tend to your connection first,
and when it doesn’t, then do whatever your heart is pleased to do.”

It is so clarifying, I’m just amazed. No more torturing over any food choices. “Just keep your alignment the top priority and if you see something you’re up to be doing, is going to break that connection, then stop to align and then..” :)

More thoughts about the emotional grid

Now I’m starting to understand – when for my quicker getting what I want, the Universe brings me some events I see as “negative”, or I just look at what is and don’t like it, then indeed it’s my seeing this event/state/thing as positive or negative – is all that defines, what I experience later:

when I choose to see it as negative, or just don’t diffuse the resistance that becomes observable, then my emotional grid becomes THAT – these feelings of frustration, worrying, etc.

when I choose to see it as help on my way, as a positive part of the process, my emotional grid is filled with positive feelings of security, harmony, confidence, love, and then it is correspondingly filled, and I feel it – on the level of thoughts, feelings, inspirations and events.

What a perfect, harmonious mechanism.. Life is a miracle itself. :)

One of the best pieces, ever :)

(“Abraham-Hicks – Magic Wand, 1 of 2”: video)

(“Abraham-Hicks – Magic Wand, 2 of 2”: video)

An absolutely amazing segment. For me it’s an entire workshop in itself: it addresses a complete cycle in deliberate creation, so many clarifying moments:

* why do we want to do it;
* doing it for ourselves instead of doing it to fix something in others;
* not trying to acquire a better feeling thanks to some physical actions, but purely by a vibrational work;
* moving to a better feeling not thinking of possible physical actions that can be taken to achieve the “goal” of fixing the reality so that we look at it and feel better;
* moving to a better feeling thought by focusing on emotions;
* making it all about ourselves and our better feeling;
* when a physical manifestation comes, not becoming dependent on this physical event, still tending to the vibration,

On your way with you

Do you read internet on your mobile phone? Then it may be of interest for you, too.

I found that even though I did the vibrational work, when creating focus felights, but sometimes I come back to the same issues, and going through them again helps me to shift again to a better feeling.

(If you never used focus delights – they are like focus wheels, but not exactly, even though sometimes they contain emotional ladders similar to those of focus wheels.

Focus delights let you compare, which thought feels better, really feel the difference, and when you compare several times, back and forth, the power of the good feeling from the better feeling thought is so huge, that it pulls you to it.

It shifts the criterion for choosing the thought. It gives you often two opposite variants, to let you feel the difference and get a chance to surrender to the guidance from your Source.

When you try it, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. :) For me, focus delights proved to be the most powerful tools.)

But to open those pages on the blog was too heavy on the mobile phone, so I created the lightest pages, really really minimal, almost only text, which I then can open many times during the day, wherever I am.

Today I got great help, just when I needed it, from these two:

1. Focus delight (general) (full version is here)
this one is good when you have this unsettling feeling, doubting what you’re about to do, or feeling not really doing what you should do;

6. Focus delight (validation, “results”) (full version is here)
this one is good when you do something, and not really see the results you were hoping for.

The list you could bookmark on your mobile phone, is:
from there you can easily find what suits you best, every time you come there.

Here’s to the better feeling. :)

New tools for relief, power, lovely mood and high vibration

I’m continuing to realize my dream. :)

I planned to call it all Self coaching pages, and the vibration raising exercises below – Focus Gym, but Self enjoying pages and Focus Delight sing more in my heart, even though maybe they’re not that self-explanatory. I’m looking forward to the clarity on this subject. :)

The idea is always the same:

…As you reach for what feels better – you’re on your way,
because if it feels better to you, it’s never a mistake,
if it feels better to you, it’s not the wrong way,
if it feels better to you, it’s Source calling you to completion
of that which you are. — Abraham-Hicks

And so, these exercises, games, delights, whatever :), are designed for you (and me) to easily raise the vibration in a friendly, supporting environment of better-feeling thoughts. They are designed to let us feel more our call of Source, feel more Who We Have Become with all our preferences, to feel our path to everything we desire and prefer.

1. Focus Delight (general)
2. 3-3-3 (visibility, security, openness)*new*
3. 3-3-3 clean form*new*

Focus delights: My dream, my dream is coming into fruition :)

Dear all,

These days my dream is coming true, and I’m so happy…

When I heard Nicole Bird speaking of JigsawBox and the idea of taking coaching online, this idea started brewing inside me… I knew it was my path, something of it…

Then in meditations, in all kinds of a-ha, the idea became clearer and clearer…. I got more and more glimpses of it… and TA-DA!! It all became ready!! The clarity came to me, the resources came to me, and it became possible, to create what I now will call “Focus Delights”.

In the beginning I wanted to call it “Focus Gym”, but “Focus Delight” sings better in my heart.

It is based on many things, mostly on my Contrasting technique, I put it in a post for you.

The idea is, that comparing, which thought feels better, ..I won’t speak for you, I’ll say for myself – comparing, which thought feels better, I learn to listen to my feelings; I train myself to thoughts that feel better and not what’s just “true”. I’m training myself to hear that call of Source.

And I’m also raising my vibration. I start feeling more confident, more sure, secure, blessed, worthy, loved, interested,.. depending on where I started of course. :) Sometimes it feels like a whole focus workout. :)

In short, try it! :) And tell me what you think.
Your choices and notes there you can send there to your email. It’s not a subscription of any form, I won’t even get that email unless you choose so.

By the way, if you’re up to sending some feedback, and you’re reading these posts through email, you don’t have to go comment on the website, you can just hit Reply and write all you want to write, it will go straight to me. :)

Here’s the first Focus Delight.

I personally love it. :)
I understood on it what Abraham said about a dream that’s tended to, through vibration: “it’s my dream, my vision, my life flow, my ideas, my spank, my vitality, my reason to get out of bed, my feeling of life, my thing to focus upon, my gift, my love, my joy, my fun, my fullness”.

I’m so happy. :)

P.S. Now I added a lighter mobile version of focus delights. Enjoy :) as much as I do :)