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Focus delights: My dream, my dream is coming into fruition :)

Dear all,

These days my dream is coming true, and I’m so happy…

When I heard Nicole Bird speaking of JigsawBox and the idea of taking coaching online, this idea started brewing inside me… I knew it was my path, something of it…

Then in meditations, in all kinds of a-ha, the idea became clearer and clearer…. I got more and more glimpses of it… and TA-DA!! It all became ready!! The clarity came to me, the resources came to me, and it became possible, to create what I now will call “Focus Delights”.

In the beginning I wanted to call it “Focus Gym”, but “Focus Delight” sings better in my heart.

It is based on many things, mostly on my Contrasting technique, I put it in a post for you.

The idea is, that comparing, which thought feels better, ..I won’t speak for you, I’ll say for myself – comparing, which thought feels better, I learn to listen to my feelings; I train myself to thoughts that feel better and not what’s just “true”. I’m training myself to hear that call of Source.

And I’m also raising my vibration. I start feeling more confident, more sure, secure, blessed, worthy, loved, interested,.. depending on where I started of course. :) Sometimes it feels like a whole focus workout. :)

In short, try it! :) And tell me what you think.
Your choices and notes there you can send there to your email. It’s not a subscription of any form, I won’t even get that email unless you choose so.

By the way, if you’re up to sending some feedback, and you’re reading these posts through email, you don’t have to go comment on the website, you can just hit Reply and write all you want to write, it will go straight to me. :)

Here’s the first Focus Delight.

I personally love it. :)
I understood on it what Abraham said about a dream that’s tended to, through vibration: “it’s my dream, my vision, my life flow, my ideas, my spank, my vitality, my reason to get out of bed, my feeling of life, my thing to focus upon, my gift, my love, my joy, my fun, my fullness”.

I’m so happy. :)

P.S. Now I added a lighter mobile version of focus delights. Enjoy :) as much as I do :)

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