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Contrasting technique

This is chapter 2 from my book 10 Nice Mind Tricks To Allow More Money Into Your Life: A Paradigm Shift to Coming Home.

A Nice Mind Trick #2 – Contrast

“He had heard people speak contemptuously of money:
he wondered if they had ever tried to do without it.”

— W. Somerset Maugham

Sometimes, we just want to put accents in the right places.

When we’re starting to visualize us having a million dollars, we start having some awkward feelings, like “not deserving”, like “all evil” etc.

In such a case, try to do the following:

Write on a piece of paper:

I don’t have any money.


I have one million dollars.

Now start with the first thought, thinking of all the consequences of that and trying to feel which nuances of feelings it is awakening in you.

Not so good, I suppose? ;)

Now turn over to the second thought. Imagine yourself in a situation when you would know you have the million dollars. For example, your bank would be telling you it’s the current sum on your account.

What do you feel?

Are you feeling warmth spreading up in your soul, relaxing away all that was contracted by that dreadful first thought? Soothing, smoothing… do you feel safe now? Free? Powerful? (If not, go to that first thought again and then come back here; do you now feel the difference?)

…Now we see that one million dollars differently, don’t we?

Instead of placing our focus on some weird things we’d be unhappy with, we now see the beauty of this state, feel relaxed… that all our bills can be paid… that we can buy things we want… that our rent is covered… that we can always buy food (did you clearly see that with the first thought it wasn’t possible?)… that we can do all day what we want… plenty of time… with that book we’ve always wanted to finish… with those friends we’ve always wanted to spend more time with… with ourselves… with our thoughts…

Now let’s extend it a little farther from that safe state: let’s get to some fine details!!

We can now dine in fine restaurants… with beautiful music… we can buy the best things for our loved ones… we can come home with gifts every day… we can afford all the courses, all the books we’d want :) … hire any specialist to help us with implementing our ideas…

What else?

From that safe state, make a list, enjoy having, enjoy basking in these fine feelings…

…Mike Dooley once said: “Your dreams are here for a purpose: they remind you of what’s possible.” I can almost feel as someone reading this, could be thinking now: “yeah, possible – for someone else. Or not in my circumstances…” What can I say… It’s a belief, too. What do you prefer to believe in?

Some more thoughts to ponder on:

“When you think a new thought, entertain a new dream, or mentally choose a new goal, your thoughts “leave” you and go out, in every direction, to the farthest corners of the planet. They carry a life force all their own – like ripples created when a pebble is tossed into a pond. You can’t change this… but YOU CAN use it.” – Mike Dooley

“The Universe here…

Question:  Do you realize…

that for the simple, yet mind blowing, fact

that you’re even “HERE”…

you’re deserving of ALL else?” – Mike Dooley

Now decide which one of the two thoughts you choose, and mark it:

I don’t have any money.


I have one million dollars. -> better

What do you feel?


Behind the scenes:

1. With auto-training, people quickly learn: to relax, it’s better to contract the muscles first, and only then release them and relax. Ultimately, it gives a deeper relaxation.

2. When you switch between these two thoughts, you can feel as something in you contracts and expands. It’s an interesting feeling by itself, isn’t it?

And even more interesting is the ability to better immerse in the good sides of our goal… They say, we should concentrate on what we want, not on what we don’t want. So in this game we suddenly better see what it is that we want. And why we actually want this.

3. At the end of the exercise, we immerse in the fine details… in the high perspective… but then the syndrome of “reality” can hit us really hard. We’ve heard too many opinions on why this is “impossible”. That’s why I think it’s important to hear at that exact time something that our Inner Self would probably say to us, should we give it a chance to speak…

4. When we choose the “better” thought at the end, it does something strange with the mind. Choose honestly, looking at both thoughts, and when you make your choice… it feels like we claim something. Like it clears for us and for the Universe what it is that we want.

It feels like earlier we were …afraid to claim it. Is it like this for you?

They always say, we should clearly see what we want. Not just “as much money as I can get”, but some clear goals. It seems that this choice does clarify something, for all sides involved.

5. Try an advanced method: first, see, that you’re always safe and secure, anyway. That The Universe answers all your needs anyway. And then visualize having 1 million dollars as a way to have fun: see which things for a fun you can do with it.

Only when pressed with darkness, can you begin to
seek the light. And how could you understand your
authority… if you had not first relinquished it? How
could you find your way, if you had not first strayed.
Now, your experiments with darkness, limits, and fear
have long outgrown their use. It’s time to wake up…
to remember… to know… that

than the role you’ve been playing.
the light,
the power,
the way…
For whom
are possible.” – Mike Dooley

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