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New tools for relief, power, lovely mood and high vibration

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I planned to call it all Self coaching pages, and the vibration raising exercises below – Focus Gym, but Self enjoying pages and Focus Delight sing more in my heart, even though maybe they’re not that self-explanatory. I’m looking forward to the clarity on this subject. :)

The idea is always the same:

…As you reach for what feels better – you’re on your way,
because if it feels better to you, it’s never a mistake,
if it feels better to you, it’s not the wrong way,
if it feels better to you, it’s Source calling you to completion
of that which you are. — Abraham-Hicks

And so, these exercises, games, delights, whatever :), are designed for you (and me) to easily raise the vibration in a friendly, supporting environment of better-feeling thoughts. They are designed to let us feel more our call of Source, feel more Who We Have Become with all our preferences, to feel our path to everything we desire and prefer.

1. Focus Delight (general)
2. 3-3-3 (visibility, security, openness)*new*
3. 3-3-3 clean form*new*

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