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Allowing Money

My every day now seems to be about new stories. :) I did my 3-column-process:
(this way it just seems to be the most effective for me) on money, and what I came to today, was this focus wheel, becoming a rampage. It’s a lot of things that I would as if “know”, but here it was a process of finding them from inside, as a feeling.. I’ll be glad if it gives you something, too.

“I realize, that I feel like what I want the most (to sit home and just be doing what I want to be doing, doing all things this way, on inspiration, coming from inside), can’t be supported by the resources of my current reality.

It brings words as “not from where”, as if everything is stating, that what I “want” – not as important as what the authorities count as earned by me, deserved by me.

I don’t see a physical criteria (well, almost), by which I “would have a right to” to be provided.

What if I could live better and feel peaceful? What if I could get it “just because” I want it?

There’re people, for whom it happens.

What if my wanting is somehow, anyhow, noble and deserving consideration?

What if I’m worthy?

It looks like I’ve been approaching it from a wrong side: trying to find, how I can justify in my world me getting money, because my desire didn’t seem deserving, valid enough.

What if my desires are valid?

What if I indeed may get something just because I have a vibrational alignment with it?

What if I don’t need to earn it? What if my desire is enough for me to get it?
(It gives me relief => right direction :))

What if I shouldn’t *seek* it? I should just acknowledge my desire and align with it, and standing here in alignment, I’m getting it?

It’s not “going somewhere to get it”, not seeking it, not looking for it. It’s here, it comes to me here, where I stand in alignment with my Source that wants it for me. That IS it for me.

My Source IS my Well-Being. I AM my Well-Being. I shouldn’t just deny it to myself, seeking to find it from outer sources.

I AM abundance in this world. I AM.

I can freely share from myself.

What if for me it can succeed, too – that I could be abundant and flourishing and easy and doing what I want, when I Want and the way I want!

Wow.. So the Inner Being I’m connecting to, IS all this and more..”

Morning wisdom

I so love what I’m doing.. Sometimes my morning trying to find, why I am so frustrated and what to do about it, brings me such wonderful insights. :)

Here’re two pieces of focus delights that are still in the drafts

(the point in focus delights is not to convince myself in anything, but to find the pathways, supported by my Source):

Step 13

More thoughts for this step:

Step 14

More thoughts for this step:

and one more, from another FD:

Step 11

More thoughts for this step:

What do you feel? :)

I found such a good process!

I called it “Trampoline”. I was just trying to find a feeling place for a financial desire (just because when I find its feeling place, its “physical feeling inside me”, as Klaus Joehle teaches, then I feel so good! peaceful, calm, I can then ponder on it and really see why I feel so good there.. I love it), but it felt uncomfortable. And hearing Abraham’s new motto “go general”, I applied it there.. to discover a new process, with a surprise-miracle in the end!

I got so excited, that I already did two of these processes:

They’re with numbers, as they’re, too, of those self-coaching pages one can do to raise the vibration and feel better.

Here’re some more processes I recently added:

The Sweet Having Map is one of the processes I love the most. It gives me such a warm feeling…. maybe because I really love chocolate. :)

Busted :)

I just saw this:

“Most people will not go into the Vortex to feel better, but they’ll go into the Vortex to………….” — AH in LIVE event

and realized, yes, I’m doing it to achieve my goals allow my desires to manifest physically, to handle things. But usually not to improve my feeling right now, in this moment.

As many times, again, I’m promising myself – I am worth it! I will do it for feeling good now, in the moment! I will! :)

By the way, if to think about it.. it always works much better, when I’m doing it to improve my feeling in the moment. Because then it’s easier to think what feels better, “truth” doesn’t matter so much at that moment..

And still,.. I want to do it in order to have this pleasure of feeling better in the moment.

New tool: focus delight on love

4. Focus delight (love, starting very low)*new*

A very thorough focus workout.

If you have a dream, that feels painful, you may try and work your way up the vibrational scale with this focus delight. The rule is one: choose which options feel better. That’s all. :)

New tools for relief, power, lovely mood and high vibration

I’m continuing to realize my dream. :)

I planned to call it all Self coaching pages, and the vibration raising exercises below – Focus Gym, but Self enjoying pages and Focus Delight sing more in my heart, even though maybe they’re not that self-explanatory. I’m looking forward to the clarity on this subject. :)

The idea is always the same:

…As you reach for what feels better – you’re on your way,
because if it feels better to you, it’s never a mistake,
if it feels better to you, it’s not the wrong way,
if it feels better to you, it’s Source calling you to completion
of that which you are. — Abraham-Hicks

And so, these exercises, games, delights, whatever :), are designed for you (and me) to easily raise the vibration in a friendly, supporting environment of better-feeling thoughts. They are designed to let us feel more our call of Source, feel more Who We Have Become with all our preferences, to feel our path to everything we desire and prefer.

1. Focus Delight (general)
2. 3-3-3 (visibility, security, openness)*new*
3. 3-3-3 clean form*new*

Focus delights: My dream, my dream is coming into fruition :)

Dear all,

These days my dream is coming true, and I’m so happy…

When I heard Nicole Bird speaking of JigsawBox and the idea of taking coaching online, this idea started brewing inside me… I knew it was my path, something of it…

Then in meditations, in all kinds of a-ha, the idea became clearer and clearer…. I got more and more glimpses of it… and TA-DA!! It all became ready!! The clarity came to me, the resources came to me, and it became possible, to create what I now will call “Focus Delights”.

In the beginning I wanted to call it “Focus Gym”, but “Focus Delight” sings better in my heart.

It is based on many things, mostly on my Contrasting technique, I put it in a post for you.

The idea is, that comparing, which thought feels better, ..I won’t speak for you, I’ll say for myself – comparing, which thought feels better, I learn to listen to my feelings; I train myself to thoughts that feel better and not what’s just “true”. I’m training myself to hear that call of Source.

And I’m also raising my vibration. I start feeling more confident, more sure, secure, blessed, worthy, loved, interested,.. depending on where I started of course. :) Sometimes it feels like a whole focus workout. :)

In short, try it! :) And tell me what you think.
Your choices and notes there you can send there to your email. It’s not a subscription of any form, I won’t even get that email unless you choose so.

By the way, if you’re up to sending some feedback, and you’re reading these posts through email, you don’t have to go comment on the website, you can just hit Reply and write all you want to write, it will go straight to me. :)

Here’s the first Focus Delight.

I personally love it. :)
I understood on it what Abraham said about a dream that’s tended to, through vibration: “it’s my dream, my vision, my life flow, my ideas, my spank, my vitality, my reason to get out of bed, my feeling of life, my thing to focus upon, my gift, my love, my joy, my fun, my fullness”.

I’m so happy. :)

P.S. Now I added a lighter mobile version of focus delights. Enjoy :) as much as I do :)

“I can live on reliefs”

I realized, that for me “Get in the Vortex” is a wrong motto: it is too far of a jump. Having it as a motto has me always in frustration, that I’m not there.

Actually, it is not different than being fixed on a manifestation and comparing all the time, if I already got it. :)

And I also thought today: on those days, when I did some processes and got into the Vortex.. what if it became possible because days preceded it, when I was just oriented on getting relief, just getting relief..

And I thought, when I’m oriented on relief, it’s easier. I can tap on my shoulder more :) celebrate more.

So here’s my new motto, everything inside me is greeting it, enjoying it, tingling with it in excitement and anticipation: “I can live on reliefs.”

Very relieving. :)

New pleasure

These days, somehow newly re-understanding that Source has a ‘better’, ‘true’ understanding of things and I can feel its perspective with my emotions, can be guided with them,

Bashar says: “We know you understand it. But what you need is to understand it.”

I feel that now I’m starting to understand it. :)

I found for myself a new pleasure:

I’m taking things that sit in me as ‘something that I did wrong’, and deconstruct them, listening to my feelings this time, valuing it, feeling for a more aligning resolution.

One such example that I chose today (or it chose me), was that when I was working as a programmer, there were times when I was not really working at work. Reading something not related to work.

It popped in me today as something I still was blaming myself for. Something that I did wrong. Feeling bad about it all, of course, very bad.

So this time I thought, okay,

“It was a bad thing for me to do.” – feels bad, so probably my Source sees it differently.. how?..
“It wasn’t such a bad thing for me to do, whatever the reason.” – feels better.
“It actually was a good thing for me to do.” – feels better still.
“It was a very good thing for me to do” – feels really good!

So okay, I thought, I should try and go in this direction.. but when I tried to figure out, why it could be good, I felt bad. Maybe because this whole thing was about judging, estimating me, trying to find objective estimation..

So I thought:

“I have to know why it was good to do” – feels bad.
“I could know, but I don’t have to” – feels better.

It reminded me of Vadim Zeland’s (author of “Reality Transurfing”, among my most favorite books on Law of Attraction and how things work) theory:

He says, very simplistically, that every event is like a junction, because from it we can go to a line of life, where it turns to the good for us, or to the line, where it turns to be bad.

(Because actually it’s not the event itself that is good or bad for us, but its implications in our life.)

And the ONLY thing that defines, which line we go to, is how we see this event: as good or bad.

Zeland then gives this process to apply when something happens, something that we really, really don’t like. We can ask ourselves:

1. Do I like it? – Not at all.

2. But do I want it to turn even worse? – Not at all.

3. Then I will trust, that even though I can’t see it right now (maybe I will see it later), even though it looks absolutely impossible to me, but still, it’s something good in my life. It’s something very good for me. I just can’t see it yet, but I can trust, that I will.

It reminds me of Mike Dooley’s Note from The Universe:

“There are only miracles, – and to one degree or another they all soothe, pamper and enrich. However, to avoid blowing too many minds at once, some are disguised as unpleasant surprises, botched circumstances, and twisted acquaintances that can rarely been seen for what or who they truly are until the pendulum has fully swung.

So if something still hurts, baffles or confuses, it only means a miracle has occurred, the pendulum is mid-swing, and that soon you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
The Universe.”

I remember very vividly one situation, when I applied this process: at my work, when I was just starting at a new place, and there was one guy who came to work there at the same time. And we both got the same exercise. And he already was finishing it, while I was still somewhere in the beginning, as I couldn’t write anything before I was deeply understanding it all. God was I stressed….. I didn’t see ANYTHING good in it at all…. Then I did this process, and I remember how hard it was to trust… but I said: “even though I can’t see ANY reason why it could be good, but I’ll just trust that it is.”

As I see it now, this mere thing already aligned me in some way.. and I started to see it as something not that bad…. and then it happened, that because that guy did it all quickly, he didn’t pay attention to too many details, while I, taking it slowly and thoroughly, found a mistake in the program we were working with. And it was how I was then appreciated at that work: as someone who goes deep and understands the basis, who works thoroughly, who can be relied on to do the good job. So it did turn to be good. But it was so impossible to see when I was applying the process.. :)

So… “It was good.” – feels good.

“But, you wasn’t useful at that time for your employer. You wasted their resources.” – feels bad.

Alright, this reminds me of what I heard yesterday here:

(“Abraham-Hicks: AA 12 step program re-write”: video)

how Abraham said: “So now you create in their experience?”

So, okay, “I didn’t do for them anything they wouldn’t be getting anyway” – feels a little better.

“I create in my reality and they create in their reality” – feels better.

“I can rely on it that we all find our way” – feels better.

“I can rely on it that their Source calls them and this thing is somehow good for them, too.” – feels better

“It was good for them” – feels the best! :)

So now I know that it was good thing that I did it, it was good for me, it was good for my employer… wow now I have this experience in my bag of memories as something good….. feels as a great relief..

Now it reminds me as Abraham says “to get aligned with Who You Really Are, you only need to stop what you’re doing, that holds you separated.” I really feel it, as if a weight is lifted, and I feel light, easy, worthy, good, blessed, loved. I love it. :)

New way of furnishing the house :)

In this video:

(“Abraham – He wants to better understand the vortex of attraction”: video)

there is a story on how Jerry and Esther chose furniture for their house: they just bought piece by piece what they felt good with, and then in the end they were amazed, how well all of those pieces fit together, when they didn’t even think about it, when buying.

Abraham then explains, that it’s because in our vibrational escrow (=Vortex), it all fits together.

It connected for me to several things at once (ah! here, too, the pieces came together!):

  • I usually say to my coaching clients, if you want what seems to be conflicting desires, don’t worry: in the Vortex it all is merged together, so you will get ALL of what you want, down to the last tiny detail, and it will perfectly fit.
  • Klaus Joehle (teaching sending love, especially in his book “The Messenger”), once said, that he likes to do some art work in tiling. He then said, that usually tiling takes a LOT of measurement before anything starts, to see that in all the corners, middle, everywhere it would fit right.

    But then he said, he just sends a lot of love, sends love, sends love to this work, and then he starts just anywhere, in any corner, works from there, and it always perfectly fits.

    Now I can understand, how that happens, too..

But in general.. it just opens up a whole new way of operating in a business, for example, .. anywhere. No need to have a plan (only if it helps to align with the desired outcome), but if in the beginning I can’t yet clearly see it – it’s fine!

Also, no need to wait until I learn it all, I can do little things that come my way, not even knowing how they will fit the whole picture. As Bashar says, “it just will.” (He gives it as a very good permission slip for us to use to free up our physical mind from needing to know all the details in order to believe. (All the affirmations, all the theories, the mantras, Bashar says, they all are just permission slips we may use to easier move into being who we truly are.))

In a clip, one of my all-time favorites, Money In the Vortex, Abraham says it, that in the beginning (of the alignment path) it’s just a relief, then ideas start coming, and then it’s not even important if implementing some idea brings physical tangible results (!), because the important thing is that we acted on an idea that felt good.

It so frees up to just doing what’s at hand.. Not having to control it all, just indeed, enjoying the unfolding.. Just hooking up with the right pathway, that’s all. Just keeping a good mood, or always turning to a better feeling thought. Acting when it’s desirable, filled with joy, ready..

Wow.. when all this merges into one picture, ..it so relieves!!!