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Delicious pieces from Bashar’s “The “I” of the Storm”

* Q. I freaked out.
A. Well, perhaps it would be better if you have freaked in, going inward.

* excitement is an overall organizing principle. Overwhelment comes only from resistance from takin on your natural expansion.

* Q. Sometimes it seems too complicated.
A. I know. But that’s what makes it most exciting for you. You like that degree of challenge. You can change that, if you wish to. But understand, that’s why you created these challenges.

* Do you see the version of yourself that exists in the parallel reality you say you shift to?
How does that version of you behave differently, than you are? Observe, how she is behaving, and mirror her. And you will be able to shift to that vibration.

[O.F. By the way, when I was thinking about it, I noticed, that when I’m thinking “what it is in the Vortex”, it is somehow harder for me to connect to it, because I perceive it as of hierarchy, as it is “better” than where I now am, and so it is “higher”, and I, like, cannot quite connect to it, take from it something. And here, when it is about the parallel realities, I suddenly find that I can quite easily connect to that version of me in the reality I prefer to live.]

* the best protection is in not needing any.

* it’s not that you’re learning to shift, you’re just becoming conscious that you always have been shifting, thus you can direct it consciously in the way you wish.

* when you arrive at a place that seems like a dead end, very often it’s simply an arrow, pointing in an unexpected direction.

* if you’re experiencing something that feels like 80% of your excitement, it’s not the idea of your excitement! that’s a whole different idea all together.

* when you stay in the vibration that IS representative of your wholistic excitement, even when not all the components are represented by that moment, by staying in that vibration you will receive the understanding, the inspiration and the knowledge, that will let you know the difference.

* you will come out of it a different person. You’re not there yet, but you will be.

* heaven is right here. Hell is right here, too, if you want it to be.

* when we’re speaking of excitement, it doesn’t mean only jumping up and down. Excitement can be also expressed as a state of balance, rest and peace. (I love it!) Perhaps, it would simply be more appropriately labeled your signature vibration, whatever way it wishes to express itself.

* anytime something like that seems not to be working for you, it’s a good indicator you’re using someone else’s definition, instead of the one you would prefer to invent. (simply brilliant!) :)

* Q. sometimes I have resistance to my excitement.
A. why?
Q. I don’t know..
A. yes, you do. You’re simply also resisting knowing that you know. You can amplify in your imagination, asking yourself, what the worst case that would happen, if I went forward and act on my excitement. By acknowledging it that way, you can paint a more clear picture of what it might actually be.

* Q. so how do we make that bridge?
A. by allowing yourself to express the idea that only by allowing yourself to be your true self by acting on our highest excitement and joy, which is your signature vibration, will you allow for the smoothing out to occur that will allow you to encounter anything you need to encounter, without resistance and without fear. (that was there for me :))

* Q. so how do we change those people?
A. it’s not about changing those people, it’s only about changing yourself and shifting to a reality, where versions of those people already exist in a way, that’s more reflective of the vibration you prefer. (I love the wording of it!) It’s never about the way for you to change someone else, because there is no way for you to do that.

(how not to remember Bashar’s “it’s not about power, it’s about clarity.”)

* Live your life story as fully as you can,
for it adds to All That Is in immeasurable and beautiful ways.

The CD & DVD are here: http://bashar.org/store.html#hurricane

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