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Bashar on unity, uniqueness and support

“..So that you can thus then be self-empowered individuals,
and thus by being fully self-empowered individuals
work harmoniously together
with other self-empowered individuals.

Because when everyone is truly
the fullest individual they can be,
that’s when you get true unity and harmony on your planet.

It is not the idea of becoming homogeneous
that creates unity,
it is the idea of truly being the unique individual
you were created to be.

Thus then by being that individual fully,
you contain the vibratory frequencies,
you contain the inspirations,
you contain the imaginings necessary
to allow you to see, how it is,
that your place fits,
that your piece fits automatically
with every other piece also being their true selves.

Just like all the puzzle pieces in the big picture,
are made to fit together to make the big picture.

If you try to be a shape you’re not,
you won’t fit.
But if you’re the shape you’re created to be,
you fit with all the other pieces beautifully
and create the big picture that supports all of you.
” ~ Bashar, in 11.11.11 event

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