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Interesting experience + my personal miracle

A friend offered me this play, when we were sitting in a cafe: he would ask me questions and I was offered to write down the answers, not thinking too much, just taking what raises in me immediately as the answer. I didn’t know what the questions would be. :)

Then the questions started: “1. Who are you?” I said “Me”. :)

“2. Who are you?”, “3. Who are you?”, …, “10. Who are you?”

It was so interesting: I got the game, but with every question the answers were different. I don’t remember them all, I remember that the 5th or the 6th was “I can be different,” the 9th was “I am a tool, an instrument, of God,” and the 10th was “I am God’s fingers, His taste of life, His color of life, His happiness, manifestation of His intentions.”

And here the miracle happened: all the time that we were speaking, some music played there in the cafe, but I didn’t hear it, I was so into the play. But with the last words of the 10th answer, I suddenly heard the music, and what music it was!! It was singing:

“You are my happiness,
That’s what you are.”

I was shocked :) It sounded to me as if God was singing it to me, while I was writing that answer. Here’s this song:

(“You are my destiny – Paul Anka”: video)

“You are my dream come true
That’s what you are.”

“You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You’re more than life to me
That’s what you are.”

It’s good to be God’s happiness. :)

Remembering it, I prepared a play for you on YouTube:

(“Who Are You – 10 questions + Abraham-Hicks’s take on it”: video)

I found that it really feels good, to ask myself this question. As I said in the video, it seems that it belongs to the “General Positive” part (in “Specific Negative”, “General Negative”, “General Positive”, “Specific Positive” that Abraham teaches in the latest workshops).

..so, who are you? :)

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