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A different view of life structure

I’m starting to see life so differently, and a thought comes: what if it’s built not the way I used to think?

What if it’s like this:

Some piece of energy :) decides to come to express itself in this specific physical form.
I’m being physically born.
In my physical life, the streams of energy I consist of (all the flavors, nuances of it), go forward and develop, expand.

Since my physical form, my physical mind, is of some inertia,
when these streams expand, I (physical me) stop being fully compliant to them,
which forms a gap, which shows as a physical problem.

(It reminds me homeopathy principles, do you know?
They say, when a Life Force of a person has a problem, it shows out as a physical illness, which shows, which remedy (!) should be applied: it should be the remedy, created homeopathically (they have a special system), from a material, which, being given to a healthy person, will give the same symptoms, as this ill person now has. It means, each physical illness shows out, what remedy should be used for it!)

And then when I remember, that I am a vibrational being,
I know, that I should align with the expanded streams,
and the “symptoms” of the “physical problem” just give me help in applying my vibrational efforts.

And then there’s no “guilt” on my behalf,
there’re no things that I “had to do and didn’t do”,
there’s no “punishment” in these “problems”,
just a sign, that the streams moved forward,
and that now I should realign,
to have a new, expanded, enriched experience,
and in general – to become compliant again to my bigger part.

But when I don’t remember, that I’m a vibrational being,
I see these “physical problems” as physical problems!
That I should fix! That I’m guilty in arriving to!
Because if I were “better”, these things wouldn’t have happened to me!


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