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“Every breath of your being tells you that you are free.”

What beautiful words..

Every breath of your being tells you that you are free.

Breathe deeply. You are strong.
Breathe deeply. You are loved.
Breathe deeply. You are free,
infinitely free.”

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Allowing Life :)

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An immediate mood raiser :)

(“Abraham Hicks – Recipe For Joy”: video)

I love this video! :) I added it to the post, to To start a day feeling wonderful section, and to my desktop as a shortcut. :)

Here’s one more joy:

(“Abraham Hicks Quotes – Phrases to say during the day”: video)

Can a Goddess have a red nose?

My mantra is “Goddess.” Today I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw there because I had a red nose.

Then I asked myself:
“Can a Goddess have a red nose? – Yes.
Does she become less Goddess because of her red nose? – No.”

So I laughed. And loved myself more, just as I am. :)

And then I had an interesting interaction:

When I was on my way home, in a transportation car (there’re no big buses in Israel on Friday night), a group of girls entered the car. One of them was so beautiful, that I just sat there, looking at her. :)

Then I felt something so strongly.. that I felt inspired to speak to her. I asked a boy sitting next to her, to switch places with me, and I asked her: “I want to tell you something, do you want to hear?” She said “Yes.”

I said: “I was watching you because you’re SO beautiful. But I saw it that you were starting to be bothered with it, so I turned to look to my window. But I feel energies. So since you drew my attention so much, I was continuing to feel you. And I felt that even though you are SO beautiful, you’re also very afraid, to become alone. It feels like, you feel that you must maintain your beauty in order not to be left. And I felt also, that if you could release this grip, little by little, you could discover for yourself, that you can be loved in your beingness.. that you can still be loved. That you can allow yourself to just be.. you would also feel so much easier..

Now, don’t believe those that say: “Just love yourself” etc., because they don’t know how energies work. They don’t know that it’s impossible to release it all at once. But if you could start working with it in very small steps, every day just asking yourself “What if I could release it a little?”, it would work. And you would start enjoying releasing it, and you would start feeling the results..”

She was stunned. She said (as usually people do when I’m reading their energies in this way, on the flow): “It is SO true! How could you know it? You don’t know me!” :)

Her friends, sitting next to her, were also amazed (wasn’t I pleased.. :)), saying “Wow, we know her! You’re so right!!” :) The other girls immediately wanted a reading for themselves, too. :)

Now, I so love these confirmations.. because yes, I’m second-guessing myself: to come to someone and start telling them what I think about them.. I’m judging myself about it. But when I see this enlightened face of the person that just got my reading and my suggestions.. It’s always like a gift for them. Unexpected gift from a person they don’t even know. :)

I guess also these “met by chance” people are always quite close to the solution, because they take it so readily.. like it was the piece they missed. I love it.

I told them, that actually I’m a coach.. but I use reading the energies of my clients to better feel who they are, what challenges they face and what solution may suit them best. I can tell them what I feel, if they want so.

They asked what I charge. I said: “I let my clients define, what they pay. Even though it looks like everyone would want to pay less, but many people prefer to pay more, to take more from the session. It’s not that I give more in such a case, but in their eyes the importance of the session, and so the results, are then much higher.”

They took my phone, eager to come. :) Now I wonder, what sessions it will be.. They’re interesting. :)

Interesting recognition

I’ve been going full day now wanting to come home and share it with you. :)

I did something. Financial. I wanted to do it, but when I did it, I started second-guessing, doubting.. “Maybe it’s bad that I did it.” => I paid attention I felt bad. Started to find better feeling thoughts.

In the beginning it was “Maybe it’s good that I did it.” “It’s good that I did it.”

And then, to my surprise, a thought “I did it” turned to feel the best. “I did it.”

Simple. Powerful. Definitive. I love it. :)

You Are Loved

(“Abraham – You Are Loved”: video)


“Doubt is not a lack of trust. It is a 100% trust in a negative belief that doesn’t serve you.” –Bashar

New way of furnishing the house :)

In this video:

(“Abraham – He wants to better understand the vortex of attraction”: video)

there is a story on how Jerry and Esther chose furniture for their house: they just bought piece by piece what they felt good with, and then in the end they were amazed, how well all of those pieces fit together, when they didn’t even think about it, when buying.

Abraham then explains, that it’s because in our vibrational escrow (=Vortex), it all fits together.

It connected for me to several things at once (ah! here, too, the pieces came together!):

  • I usually say to my coaching clients, if you want what seems to be conflicting desires, don’t worry: in the Vortex it all is merged together, so you will get ALL of what you want, down to the last tiny detail, and it will perfectly fit.
  • Klaus Joehle (teaching sending love, especially in his book “The Messenger”), once said, that he likes to do some art work in tiling. He then said, that usually tiling takes a LOT of measurement before anything starts, to see that in all the corners, middle, everywhere it would fit right.

    But then he said, he just sends a lot of love, sends love, sends love to this work, and then he starts just anywhere, in any corner, works from there, and it always perfectly fits.

    Now I can understand, how that happens, too..

But in general.. it just opens up a whole new way of operating in a business, for example, .. anywhere. No need to have a plan (only if it helps to align with the desired outcome), but if in the beginning I can’t yet clearly see it – it’s fine!

Also, no need to wait until I learn it all, I can do little things that come my way, not even knowing how they will fit the whole picture. As Bashar says, “it just will.” (He gives it as a very good permission slip for us to use to free up our physical mind from needing to know all the details in order to believe. (All the affirmations, all the theories, the mantras, Bashar says, they all are just permission slips we may use to easier move into being who we truly are.))

In a clip, one of my all-time favorites, Money In the Vortex, Abraham says it, that in the beginning (of the alignment path) it’s just a relief, then ideas start coming, and then it’s not even important if implementing some idea brings physical tangible results (!), because the important thing is that we acted on an idea that felt good.

It so frees up to just doing what’s at hand.. Not having to control it all, just indeed, enjoying the unfolding.. Just hooking up with the right pathway, that’s all. Just keeping a good mood, or always turning to a better feeling thought. Acting when it’s desirable, filled with joy, ready..

Wow.. when all this merges into one picture, ..it so relieves!!!

One more printout…

..I have on my wall, in addition to those I mentioned in the Downloads section:

This is how I see you

I see you as a loving person, as someone who wants the best for all around you.
I see you as an abundant person and as someone who wants more out of life.
I see you want to enjoy your time here in this magnificent world.
I see you as someone who knows how to be happy, who adores their family, who looks for the best aspect in the ones they love.
I see how good you are at making the best of things. At finding the gift in every situation.
I see you as a winner, as a lover, as a achiever.
I see you enjoying all the people around you.
I see you loving your life.
I see you loving your work and enjoying the variety of life.
I see you as a kind and patient person.
I see you as an abundant and generous person.
I see you receiving all your wishes because you give so much joy.

I see you achieve all you desire easily, effortlessly and joyfully.
I see your brilliance and your talents.
I see how much the universe adores you.

I see you as a student of life and of deliberate creation, finding more and more clarity everyday about how you will feel connected to your inner being and bring about all you desire.

I see the love that is you.
I see the light that is you.


Is this how you see yourself and the ones around you?

Love is you, remember to see it.

Your Greater self, the Universe…

I just love it. :)
It’s from here.

SUCH a light thought! :)

When procrastinating, or doing something I shouldn’t do, – suddenly telling myself: “It’s the BEST thing that I could do at this time!”

It lights me up like nothing else :) I begin to feel like a little lamp or some other source of ..glowing! Almost makes me want to do something I would normally judge, to feel the pleasure of freeing myself with that sentence.

And I feel the difference in my approach.. I feel my progress in all this deliberate alignment:
I recognize that I feel bad,
I ask myself: “What is it that I’m thinking right now, that is so wrong that I feel so bad from it?”,
I’m looking for thoughts from which I feel even a little bit better, thus aligning with my Inner Being,
I’m basking in this newly found better feeling thought.

Ah.. the joys of deliberate allowing. :)

By the way.. did you see the AH session with “It’s alright for me to distract myself from negative emotion by indulging in something that I find pleasurable”? I spoke about it here. It explained SO much to me.