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The sense of listening to Abraham

I love it when AH say something I felt, but never put into words..

“That’s the fun of a gathering like this:
when you’re moving through an ordinary day, in your ordinary life,
with your ordinary people and your ordinary projects,
you’re ordinarily more a match to what is,
than you’re a match to what’s in your Vortex.

But in a gathering like this,
when we’re contouring each and every conversation
to direct you towards what’s in the Vortex,
you get the experience of practicing
that alignment with Who You Really Are.

And the more you practice the alignment with Who You Really Are,
the easier it is for you to bridge those beliefs
and form new beliefs that will serve you better.

Beliefs of invincibility, beliefs of clarity,
beliefs of personal power,
beliefs of being able to create anything you want,
whenever you want, wherever you are.

No limitations for you. You’re powerful creators.
And it’s time for you to begin to demonstrate it for yourself,
for your joy.”

(“Abraham-Hicks: Why Disbelief In Long Healthy Life Experience 2011”: video)

By the way, the next Abraham LIVE workshop is on April 30, 2011, 9:00 a.m. – 12:50 p.m. CDT. Tingling possibility to participate from home. :)

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