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Tools I use: “Circumstances don’t matter…”

Continuing the series, this I also have hung on my fridge. It’s created from Bashar’s teachings.

He speaks about it in one of the two his courses: Changing Core Beliefs or Beyond The Secret into Abundance. Don’t remember which one :) but both are highly recommended.

Part of the explanation you can hear here.

It helps me reboot like probably nothing else.

So, here’s the sheet I created as my fridge version: :)

Circumstances don’t matter.

Only my state of being matters.

What state of being
do I prefer?

Not this Or that –
this AND that.

My Present creates my Past. Here and now.

It, too, can be downloaded as PDF in Free Downloads section.

Tools I use: Emotional ladder on a feeling of a problem

It’s from my own tools: I wrote it on a piece of paper and hung on my fridge.

Now every time I feel I’ve got a problem, I turn there and work my way through the sentences.

I spaced them to more easily focus on each sentence until I feel it, then move to the next one.

THIS situation

put something into my Vortex

and I can get it

when I connect to it.

Now, what is in my Vortex,
easily feelable?

Soon I’ll add it as a download in Free Downloads section.