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“To love yourself, enjoy your life”

Simple recipe :)

Since I submitted my own books to the program, where they announce books that went free for a day, I am subscribed to their newsletter. This way some books come my way, like in food-sharing, that I wouldn’t be looking for by myself, but when presented with them, I find them interesting to try.

They sit in my Kindle, waiting for my inspiration to read them.

Today I opened my Kindle, to read something else, but had a glance at the book cover for the book 7 Days Happiness Challenge – To Love Your Self, Enjoy Your Life, Live With Passion and Be Happy NOW (Happiness project … and positive meditation made simple steps).

I guess, the author meant “challenge to love yourself, to enjoy your life,” etc., but for a moment it looked to me that what was written, was a recipe: “in order to love yourself – enjoy your life.” And I loved it!

It immediately reminded me of AH’s seminar where they replied to a woman, asking how to love ourselves and why it is so .. not very easy, – they replied that we just seek in it the feeling of being loved, instead of loving. And that when we get into alignment with easier streams – we can then love ourselves, especially when we seek loving in it.

“To love yourself – enjoy your life” seems to be pretty expressing it. :)

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