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Why we “never change the reality we’re in”

Bashar says it’s because every one of us moves through static frames (that we perceive as time), and this moves with our vibration only. So we don’t change the reality that we’re in, instead, when changing our vibration, we move to a static frame, where the reality is different.

Reminding me of the set of Parallel realities notions I made 5 years ago: from Bashar, Abraham-Hicks and BBC Documentary.

And of Vadim Zeland’s (Reality Transurfing) outer intention.

Good to know

“The signal of abundance is that you already contain it all.
Remember that this is a ‘win-win’, as you say, situation:

no one has to lose, so you can have it all.
Everyone can have it all,
that’s the benefit of a multi-dimensional, simultaneous Universe:

you’re each your own reality,
and in your own reality you can have it all,

and it will take nothing, not one tiny atom away from anyone else’s reality,
because you are the whole universe,
and you are the whole universe,
and you are the whole universe,

That is the beauty of the holographic nature of Creation.
You can all have it all, without anyone losing.”

~ Bashar

A documented story of a synchronicity miracle :)

The video:

(“A documented story of a synchronicity miracle”: video)

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