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So good to be a programmer :)

for myself. In addition to all :)

I was just inspired with the idea Daniel Hall brought: to put my book 33 thoughts to feel better to physical print on CreateSpace.

But I had a lot of links there – because in addition to thoughts, I also give links to self-coaching exercises, matching those thought chapters.

And these links are long, because they are descriptive:

And if in Kindle version these links are simply clickable, in the printed version I wouldn’t want to offer people to type them in the browser.

So I wanted to make short links. Only with redirection I had to spend too much time and effort on doing it. But I’m a programmer! And I so love applying it for automating the manual tedious tasks!

So I wrote a program, with which I work in the following way:

1. in the book file I copy the link;
2. I click the program button;
3. the program takes the copied link, shows it to me for confirmation and asks me for the short name, for example “33” for the link above;
4. I give it the short name;
5. the program creates a directory with that short name and the file index.php in it, in which the copied link is written, in a special php way, for redirection there;
6. the program copies for me (“into the mouse,” as one girl once said :)) the short link, actually the whole text: “(short link: http://notrivia.com/33)”;
7. I paste the text “from the mouse” :) into the book, and now the text looks like this:

Meaning, all I do is select link, Ctrl+C, click, enter new name, click, click, Ctrl+V. Then change the color of the short link text to a lighter one. That’s it! Miracles of everyday life. :)

So I quickly flowed through the whole book file like this, it was like playing. Then I only uploaded all the created directories to my web server with FileZilla, changed their permissions, and it works! :)

I so love these playful solutions. This ease, fun, play, flow. The excitement of life :)