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“Life on the path of least resistance is a delicious state of being.

And you are in love with life, and you are in love with you, and you are in love with being in love with life.” ~ AH


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“There is an atmosphere of Well-being that surrounds you

at every level of your being. There are not enough words to express to you fully the bigness of the Well-being that is focused upon you at all times.” ~ AH

“Mastery does not mean always being there.

Mastery means, knowing the difference
and knowing what to do, how to get there,
and getting better in sustaining being there.” ~ AH

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“More on my relationship with Source:

Because Source is my source, I am the answers all seek. I am the blessings, I am the gifts I desire. I love the stability we have in our relationship. I love the consistency we have in our relationship. I love that we are eternally, infinitely linked and that both of us value each other so completely.

I love the exquisite, orgasmic pleasure source gives me, I love how source flows into me in the most delicious ways.

I love that source is on it. Source is so adoring, source has conspired to give me everything I want. Source approves of me in every way. Source thinks the very best of me. Source just sees the very best in me. Source only sees the very best in others. Source loves everything I do.

Source makes sure I am in the right place at the right time. Source takes care of me so well. Source gifts me constantly. Source cuddles me always.

I love source and I love me being me. I love that source always trusts my preferences.

I love letting Source take over. I love letting go and trusting Source. I love letting Source have Source’s way with me. I love when Source is in control and I’ve allowed it. That feels so very very good. That feels like pure pleasure.

I love loving you like the Source within me loves you!” ~ Karen Lorre