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Q: What would you most value in friendship? What should we be looking for in each other?

Abraham: Nothing. You should look for your connection to Source, and in connection to Source, you are self sufficient. And then you radiate to all, value.

Q: But, we all have a desire to…we have something called loneliness.

Abraham: But loneliness means you are looking for something in a way that does not allow the full essence of who you are to flow through you. In other words, we would look to others for example of well-being, but we would not ask anything from another to fill any void within ourself. We would understand that any void can only be filled by allowance of connection to that which is our Source. Sometimes you look to others, you find someone, someone for example, someone who loves you, and as they hold you as their object of attention, oh it does feel delicious, because in their love of you, they are connected to Source energy and they are flooding it all over you, and you say oh this feels so good, but now you need their undivided attention, if they give their attention to someone else or something else, then you feel like a puppet that somebody has let go of the strings. Where if you are interested in the feeling of love flowing through you rather than being loved by someone else, now you are utterly self sufficient, now you are connected to this eternal stream.