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They did it when I was just born!!

Physicists!! They measured it!! With repeatable, verifiable results!! And I was still going on, thinking that what I did was crazy to most of the people and even me? And a doctor said to me: “You cannot change it, unless you do a surgery”? And I still was walking around, thinking that what Abe said, was crazy to most of the people, including sometimes me?

I’m feeling so mad :) All those years!!!

[amazon_image id=”B0047T7DXC” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]My Big TOE: Awakening[/amazon_image] “In about eight months we were ready for the world to give us a try. Bob put out the word that we needed a limited number of guinea pigs to try out our binaural-beat brainwave entrainment techniques for facilitating the projection of one’s consciousness into the nonphysical as an aware operational entity. The response was overwhelming.

Soon, Bob was booking every room at the nearby Tuckahoe Motel. The Tuckahoe management, having seen better times, agreed to let us string wires throughout their facility. Dennis and I had a lot to do before the big weekend when we would discover if our methodology was as effective as we thought it was. We expected about twenty totally naive subjects — and we planned to keep them that way by telling them nothing. We did not want to lead their reactions and experiences by giving them any expectations.

Building mobile measuring equipment and audio equipment for large groups was a challenge. We barely made our deadlines by working evenings and weekends for three weeks, but with the help of Bill Yost and Bob’s stepdaughter, Nancy Lea Honeycutt, we had the equipment installed, checked out, and ready to go late in the afternoon of the last day. What a panic! In a parallel activity, Nancy Lea, who had joined our research team after her graduation from college, orchestrated and administered all the necessary arrangements. Somehow, at the last moment, everything pulled together. It was worth it.

During Friday night, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday, the attendees had the time of their life. There were so many paranormal happenings that weekend that we had a difficult time getting them all recorded. These naive subjects were reading numbers in sealed envelopes, remote viewing, manifesting lights in the sky, visiting their relatives, reading next week’s newspaper headlines, and much more. It was a circus! Fun, but exhausting. Dennis, Nancy Lea, and I ran the show, with visits from Bob off and on throughout the weekend.

We collected lots of solid evidential data — the results were more dramatic than we had expected. Things were never the same after that.” ~ Thomas Campbell, My Big TOE Trilogy

When you remember your own song…

[amazon_image id=”B001KYEEFC” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Wisdom of the Heart (Puffy Books)[/amazon_image] “When a woman in one African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness with a few women friends and together they pray and meditate until they hear the song of the child.

They recognize that every soul has its own vibration that expresses its unique flavor and purpose.

When the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud. Then they return to the tribe and teach it to everyone else.

And when a child is born into the village, the community gathers and sings the song, one unique melody for each unique child.

Later, when children begin their education, the village gathers and chants each child’s song. They sing again when each child passes into the initiation of adulthood, and at the time of marriage.

Finally, when the soul is about to pass from this world, the family and friends gather at the bedside, as they did at birth, and they sing the person to the next life.

In the African tribe there is one other occasion upon which the Villagers sing to the child: If an individual commits a crime or aberrant social act, that individual is called to stand in the center of a circle formed by all members of the tribe.

And once again the villagers chant the child’s song.

The tribe recognizes that the effective correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but love and the remembrance of identity.

When you remember your song, you have no desire to do anything that would hurt another. A friend is someone who knows your song and sings it to you when you have forgotten it.

Those who love you are not fooled by the mistakes you have made or the dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you feel broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.

You may not have grown up in an African tribe that sings your song to you at crucial life transitions, but life is always reminding you when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not.

When you feel good, you are living your song, and when you feel awful, you aren’t. In the end, we shall all recognize our song, and we shall sing – and live — it well.

As long as you remember to sing your song, you’ll find your way home.” ~ Alan Cohen

Reminded me of Praising you (our own Babemba). These African tribes seem to be really wise.

I’m asking myself, what is my song, that I should recognize and remember – and it doesn’t feel very good, to look for it, but when I think, maybe it’s the feeling I have when I’m in the Vortex – this feels very warm, touching, elating. So maybe I can create my song anew every day :) with my development and constant updating of my preferences and my richness, yes, I love to re-create it every day with these questions.

Happy day to you! :)

To “perpetuating what is”

“The other paradox has to do with quantum mechanics – Tom uses the example of an atom that could be in one of two states (A or B). Within a minute it has a 50% chance of decaying to state B from state A. The act of measuring a particular state within the first minute appeared to stop the atom from changing its state (or decaying) provided that a measurement of its state was made, despite that the atom had a probability of changing its state. This became a paradox because the act of measuring should not affect the decay behavior? If reality is a probabilistic system; then every time you make the measurement prior to the time that it has a 50% chance of decay you are most likely to get an ‘A’ state, hence you get an A and there is no longer any uncertainty. This has the effect of re-setting the system so that uncertainty has to build up again in order for the state to change when you are not looking. As long as you are looking for it in A then it never decays. This is another example of a probabilistic virtual reality giving you an easy answer to this behavior.”

by Thomas Campbell, in his MBT Wiki

(“Tom Campbell: Zeno’s Paradoxes Solved by MBT Science Model”: video)

All magical from Pascal Campion :)

daddy and son

I so love his paintings! They’re always sunny – whatever weather he paints. :)

“What makes you feel “safe?”

Note we are not asking, “What do you wish made you safe?” You wish that more money, a partner, a new house, or a better car made you feel “safe.” These types of things do change how you feel, but they don’t make you feel “safe.” The money can always get spent, the partner can leave, the house can wash away in a flood, and the car can breakdown.

They make you feel more secure perhaps, but they contain within themselves further “threats” to feeling truly safe. True safety is found when you invest in that which can’t be lost, that which has no opposite. We have called this bliss, consciousness, connecting to your soul’s perspective … Today, let’s call it self-awareness and accountability. You are accountable to YOU from your own self-awareness.

What do YOU know about you? This is the foundation of true safety. When you seek external “things” and equate those things to being safe, you put yourself in true jeopardy. “Things” create convenience, sure.

Convenience isn’t safety. You, knowing you, and seeking greater knowing of self, generates confidence.

That confidence magnetizes opportunities for expansive experiences of all types. None of that is circumstance-dependent.

Your circumstances don’t define YOU. Your self awareness within all situations is YOU.

Your emanation and actions show others your self awareness. Chase “safety” and you will always seek. Invest in self awareness and you will always reap.” ~ EC

(“What Makes You Feel Safe? MM #12 Eloheim”: video)

“Life is happening NOW”

“When you find that unconditional place of utterly allowing alignment with the Energy that Creates Worlds… ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

But we don’t want you to accomplish this so that you can change the condition – although it will – we want you to find this because… Ah! Love feels so much better right NOW than hopeless… so much better, right NOW. Life is NOW and NOW and NOW and NOW. It’s not later. It’s not later. It wasn’t before. It’s not next. It’s NOW. Right NOW, you can resonate with the fullness of who you are or not. That’s all. Good to know, isn’t it?” ~ AH

“Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment.

And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work.
Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand.” ~ AH

Good to know

“The potential is always there,
for anyone to find their way
at any point that they decide to.

There’s never any
“Well you should’ve done it differently before,” –
none of that.

There’s never any
“You’ve missed your window”
because the window follows you around!

In any moment in time
there’re 20 or 30 viable probabilities
of good outcomes for you
on every subject in the world…
but when you’re ornery, you miss all 30 of them.” ~ AH

I think And it’s wonderful! is a good way to get them, to tune into them. :)