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An AMAZING definition of God

So delicious I have never heard this explained so beautifully!

There’re also many other wonderful explanations there.

(“Abraham Hicks ~ Every experience on your path is preparing you for what is coming”: video)

“The call of Source in its purest form,

when you are close enough in vibrational proximity to really feel it, feels like joy, it feels like passion, it feels like eagerness, it feels like love, it feels like appreciation, it feels like wellbeing, it feels like yippying and yahooing all the way down the canyon.

It feels like cartwheels, it feels like sunshine and rainbows and lollipops. It feels like all of the things that you’d ever associated with wellbeing.

It feels like liquid love, it feels like joy. It is rapturous, it is orgasmic, it ripples through your body, it is ecstasy.

That’s what Source Energy IS and feels LIKE.” ~ AH

Ananasana :)

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A very interesting technique

Two Hands Touching

works like magic for me :)

“Your path is unfolding beneath your feet.

Are you in a place where you can realize that it’s there,
and respond to the power of what’s there?

And when you’ve got Source flowing with you,
you’ll know what to say and when to say it,
you’ll know how to say it,
you’ll be presenting yourself in that authentic way that is you.

And the way that you get there,
is by unconditionally focusing yourself
back into alignment.” ~ AH

A book I’m so enjoying

[amazon_image id=”B00472O6I4″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Heart of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Appreciating and Enjoying Life[/amazon_image]The Heart of Abundance: A Simple Guide to Appreciating and Enjoying Life, a beautiful book (free) on Amazon. A lovely book, beautifully speaking about how abundance feels and what it is.

I’m enjoying it bit by bit, savouring it. Btw, you don’t have to have Kindle to read it – Amazon gives free apps for the computers, tablets, smartphones, and one can even read in the browser.

Now available in iStore, too

10 Nice Mind Tricks To Allow More Money Into Your Life: A Paradigm Shift To Coming Home

10 Nice Mind Tricks To Allow More Money Into Your Life: A Paradigm Shift To Coming Home

Life giving

“So it’s not the circumstances in your life. It’s how you respond to them that makes the difference in your life. It’s not whether the outside world has changed in response to your spiritual growth that matters, it’s whether your spiritual growth allows you to respond differently to the circumstances even if they stay the same. That means you have actually grown. Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth, rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown. If you still react the same way to an old circumstance, you haven’t grown. It has nothing to do with whether or not that circumstance should be in your life anymore.” -Bashar

Factor “O” and Factor “I”

A little inspirational something to share – a chapter in a book I’m writing, that helps me tremendously ♥ :)

One day I was sitting in some office, waiting for someone to come to a decision on something that felt important to me.

I was nervous. Then I caught myself being nervous and I realized, that it was about me feeling, how much influence their decision would have on me.

I paid attention that it felt bad, and I started to look for a thought that would feel better.

Practicing the vibrational work a lot, I already knew, that I could not (at least not immediately) simply ignore what would happen.

But then I thought: “Okay, it will only be factor ‘O'” – this thought just popped into my mind all by itself, and I understood to myself, that “O” surely meant “Outside” – meaning, that this circumstance will be a factor in how I feel, at least in the beginning, but there will also be another factor – factor “I”, “Inside”.

I loved this thought and realized, that it will always be a proportion between those two factors at work within me: how much I let the outer circumstances influence the way I feel, vs. how I work it out vibrationally, so that I could feel good “unconditionally”, as AH call it.

I immediately thought of adding these factors to this book, and thought that I should make it clear that factor “O” was the letter “O”, not zero. But then I thought, that actually factor “O” looks like 0 (zero), and factor “I” like 1 (one), which is also so nice and descriptive: depending on the circumstances, on the conditions is like a vibrational zero, and being aligned from inside, having the full energy desire and being the Source (I love it more than connection with Source) is absolutely one, One even. How perfect, isn’t it? :)

I wrote in my notebook, while waiting:

“I’m worried about the condition, as if it will be the one that will define my experience. While it can only be a factor “O”, while I have factor “I”, too, and it is an important one, too. At least.

It’s not the ultimate “it won’t matter”, it’s not my “my experience is only defined vibrationally, so it won’t matter, what will happen physically – it will always express my vibration, which I can work on”, but this is the beginning.

And if I’m afraid, there’s more [vibrational] work to do = more power to acquire.”

Later I realized, that “O” can also be seen as “outer”, “others”, and “I” as me! Meaning then is becoming more clarified to me having Me to have my opinion on the situation, to respond by choice, not with a default reaction.

* Someone said that responsible is “response-able”. :)

* Eloheim & The Councils formulate the fourth level (if I’m correct) as “I’m taking responsibility for my reaction to my creation.”

“Opinions” vs. “I”, my saying, my decision of perception. Perfect image, isn’t it? As everything that comes on aligning. :)

..My mind later couldn’t stop, bringing me more and more ideas of the associated words. And it was a nice game to have. Very supportive, building, inducing realization.

“Ornery”, “outlined”, “obedient”, “objective”, “observing” (conditions), “obsolete”, “overvalued”, “occasional”, “overwhelment” vs. “inspired”, “instinctive”, “Inner Being”, “invincible”, “ideal” (in the Vortex meaning), “intent”, “ignition”, “imagination”, “immortal”, “important”, “improvement”, “improvisation” etc. What’s yours?

Summary: Factor “O” and factor “I” – a convenient image/model to remember, to align quicker and feel better.

Practical exercise, based on new understanding: If it’s fun, you can see in your streams the proportion of these two factors, and the influence of which one of them (if at all) you would want to increase.

Question to think: What could be a simple, easy, lovely way to increase the influence of factor “I”?

For me it could be finding a soothing thought, a relief. “What if it’s not THAT bad?” or something like this.

Interesting, that when I did my 3ct later, after “What if it’s not THAT bad?” I added: “And even if it is, I still have my factor “I” in addition. Meaning, I won’t be absolutely helpless in this situation, I will still have my factor “I” with me.” And it felt good. :)

Wow :)

Sometimes good ideas can come from a mistake in translation. :)

I just saw a translated article, with an exciting idea – to write every day a list of appreciation TO OURSELVES.

They gave a link to an original article in English – I went there to give a link to that idea, on Facebook – and I found the simple and usual “write daily gratitude list.” :)

I so love this idea – I already do write my appreciation lists, but appreciation to myself – that must feel really sweet and empowering. Thank you, mistaken translator! :)