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Interesting.. (on associations)

Listening to Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” now (it’s a part of “Get the Edge”), I hear him talking about the associations and how they’re key to everything – if we don’t act on something, or don’t like something, that means we have pain associations with it, and if we act and/or like, we have a pleasure association.

He even mentioned something I never associated (pun intended :)) this way before: he said, that in concentration camps, people were looking for a sense, and those who found the sense in all that was happening, could continue to live. So Tony said, “sense” is just an association we have with something: if it makes sense to us, we have a pleasure association, and vice versa.

So is the sense in life?..

So it all reminded (associated :)) to me three things:

1) Bashar’s “all things, all events are neutral.” And our “perception” is our association, isn’t it?

2) High Flying Disc (HFD, by Abraham state of high energy) – don’t we then rise to HFD when we have a pleasure association with some subject? And we’re on LFD when we have a pain association with it. So a way to rise vibrationally, is to find some pleasure associations with the subject at hand.

Actually, Abraham speaks about it all the time – “get on the HFD and then..,” “distract yourself in something pleasurable and then..” – I just never saw it in this association light.

3) Sometimes we find it hard to believe in something if it doesn’t make sense to us – even if it does feel good, but doesn’t feel “true.” Could we possibly work with our associations on that subject then, in order to find ourselves able to believe what would actually serve us better?

Food for thought. :)

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