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When it’s dark & intense, what to do

Following the link Dealing With Intense Feelings, I found a wonderful blog, written by Ruzica Kozul, Life Coach. She speaks a language I love, and I already subscribed both to her newsletter, and to get the blog updates to my mail (it’s possible through FeedBurner, you can subscribe, too: Subscribe to Ruzica Kozul, Life Coach by Email).

She finished the post with a question, how we would handle intense feelings, so I went and added mine. I’ll repost it with some additions here:

1. EFT, especially useful. I sometimes do focus wheel together with it – not writing the statements, but doing the EFT tapping, saying the statements out loud. But the traditional technique, offered by Nick Ortner and the divine Jessica Ortner (she so knows which sentences to give there!), is also really helpful. Here’s their stress relief CD download.

2. There’s a wonderful Kevin Shoeninger’s Core Energy Technique.

3. There’s saying things in general: “I have a situation. I have thoughts. I have feelings.”

4. My focus delights, starting with the general, and then maybe choosing more specific.

5. The 3-3-3 technique.

It also reminded me what I wrote in the Bonus Chapter to my first book, about money and Law of Attraction, here you can read it: Continue reading