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Life in Cooperation

Yesterday, I saw this TED talk:

(“Yves Morieux: As work gets more complex, 6 rules to simplify”: video)

and I find, that it so speaks to me in terms of the vibrational play: first of all, knowing, what every part does. What the physical part of me does, and what the Source does. This feels very structuring and relaxing the tension. “Reward the cooperation,” etc. Made me think and feel tending to life in this cooperation mode.

This quote feels like more of it:

“Life caused you to put it in your vibrational reality,
and so it’s already amassed.

Everything that anyone lives,
was vibrational first.
And so, the vibrational reality that is amassing,
you’ve already put all of the components there.
It’s already done.

And so, when you offer a process like a focus wheel,
or when you do some scripting,
or when you rampage appreciation,
or when you make a list of positive aspects,
that exercise isn’t doing the creating.

That exercise is putting you in a place that allows you in the Vortex,
where what is already created, is.

So that you have the full view of it,
so that you can now see, what’s in there.” ~ AH

“Logic and Synchronicity are two completely different operating systems”

from here

So much my feeling lately.. Logic, Planning, Time-Management, Goals, Deadlines, Being Late, Am I Making It? in that one operating system, and Synchronicity, Love, Alignment, Trust, Flowing (“I am the willing floating boat”, as said in one AH workshop), Playing, Joy, Amazement – in the other..

happy day to you! :)