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“A little imbalance is..

..oh good, a new reason to focus,
a new desire to be born,
a new standard to achieve vibrational alignment with,
a new reason to feel,
a new reason to feel movement,
a new reason to expect universal cooperation,
a new reason to watch for evidence to flow in” ~ AH

So true.. :) ♥

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  • I would love to reda and purchase your book but do not have a kindle is there another way I would gladly pay for shipping. I need help with getting more $$$

    • Olga:

      Cheryl, you don’t need Kindle to read the book: you can download from Amazon Kindle software, to whatever you were reading this post from: PC, Mac, smartphone, iphone, ipad etc. I do not live in Us, so long time ago I started to buy the Kindle versions of the books on amazon.com, since I can then read them immediately, and I don’t have to pay for the delivery. Besides, Amazon is then synchronizing the book latest place I’ve been reading to, between all my devices I have Kindle software on, so wherever I open it, I always get to the latest bookmark. Very convenient. Try it. :)

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