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An amazing gem for playing with life story

Bashar has been saying, “What is your story?”
AH have been saying, “What is your story?”

seeing in it the key, the instrument, the amusement.

Bashar even had the whole workplayshop for writing and rewriting our story. He said, when we see our life as a story with a particular structure, the archetype of “The Hero’s Journey”, we can then understand it .. more usefully. :)

Our physical part then appears to be the actor, and the Inner Being – the audience. But when we apply the storytelling structure, then we in our whole can be the audience, too, and enjoy the story as it goes.

And now I found this real gem: Emma Coats set out “22 Rules of Storytelling” based on what she learned working for the animation studio (responsible for such blockbusters as the Toy Story series and Finding Nemo), and Jessica Bogart of PBJ Publishing created an infographic for it (click the image to see it).

22 Rules for Storytelling

Such a pleasure to apply! I feel like doing a whole playshop for myself around it. :) It can be applied to the whole life, as well as to some particular streams in it.