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Amazingly useful. I feel like re-thinking, re-basing all my consulting, coaching and writing, based on this principle:

Almost everyone is trying to teach people to change,
so that they can be more effective,

and there’s something sort of off about that,
because it implies, that there’s something wrong with where they are,
which is the opposite
of what you’re wanting to make them to understand.

You have to activate the rightness in people,
you have to activate your view of the perfection in people,
you have to activate your appreciation of people,

and that’s the thing that is most difficult about mentoring,

because in most cases the basic concept of mentoring says:
“I know something, that would be good for you,
that you haven’t figured out,
so you’re flawed in this way,
I do this for you because I see you’ve not been able to do it for yourself,”

and there’s such a vibrational downturn
in that basic premise that you begin with,
that most mentors never overcome it.

And that’s why most mentors gradually
move into just letting most of the people go by the wayside,
while they’re looking for the nuggets, and it’s the same old, same old..

And if you’re looking for the way to make a difference
that will give more people the edge of success,
then what you’re going to demonstrate is
not your ability to find them,
and not your ability to mentor them,
but your ability to believe the unbelievable.

That’s the big message.” ~ AH

Two absolute masterpieces

Very meditation-like, take your time to savor :)

(“YOU ARE A MASTER”: video)

(“The Mind of A Master”: video)

Synchronicity, and leveraging Christmas

Yesterday on Facebook I found this:

Seth: The Meaning of Christmas From ESP Class, December 19, 1972
“Do not think that Christmas is too camp. In your civilization, when you allow it to, it speaks to the child in you. Accept the child and enjoy the myth, for behind the myth there is truth, and the truth is that you are reborn. And the truth is that the inner self does have the wonder of a child. “Other stories have been wound about those truths, but the truths remain. The god Pan has as great a validity as Christ has. The names change; the stories change to fit your ideas and your civilization. Now, I prefer Pan piping his magic flutes over the countryside and drinking wine, to a Christ born to be crucified. But that is my idea; you pick your own. “Behind all the myths is the reality. You are born with the wonder of a child again to remake the world in a new image. Christmas should represent the rebirth of the self. Seth Speaks should be called You Speak. So listen to yourselves. “It is fashionable to think in terms of Buddha and Eastern religions. And it is not fashionable to think of the infant Christ, for example. So you are `in’ if you think of Buddha, and `out’ if you dare to let a tear show when they play a Christmas carol. The same thing is involved. You are still dealing with systems of beliefs and myths that have grown through the ages. And each of them has their degree of validity and their degree of distortion. “Santa Claus – Ho Ho – is relatively harmless considering what your religions have done. If you are bad you get a hunk of coal, and if you are good you get a goody. But what about a god who says if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad you burn through all eternity? Place your indignation where it belongs! “All of the gods in your myths die and are rewarded from the time of your ancient memory, and through the ages of the memory of your race. So it is simply said again and again, in terms that you understand, according to the time in which you think you live: That you are born again and again, and the trials of the gods are your own, and so are their triumphs and their joys. “The symbols used are also colored by the times, and they are personified, so winter and the cold that sweeps across the earth are used to symbolize the death of the soul. Not a death, however, but transformation. If you understood your myths, you could use them effectively. When you think that they are reality, however, they can entrap you. “You are the stories that the Soul tells. You are your own stories, and you create your ideas of God according to your interpretation of greater realities that you understand and do not understand. You are catching up with your own understanding, but, as soon as you understand, there is more to learn because creativity is never still and never done and never finished. “In other worlds there are other Christmas tales, each with their own story and rhyme. But none of them denies the intense and eternal NOW which is being forever created and in which you have your quite natural existence. And none of it denies the joyful vitality that is your own, neither the bewilderment in your eye, nor the pleasure in yours. All of this is meant to illuminate the joy and ease of your own being, and meant to generate within you, if you will forgive me, that old Ho-Ho-Ho – the vitality and the laughter and the joy that is your being. If you understood thoroughly what I am trying to say to you, you would be laughing with me and enjoying your own grizzly beard and hair, and, as you looked around at each other, you would see yourselves as all ages, reborn time and time again and with your identity alive within you now. “The truth is not something apart from you. You each are truth, speaking and living in physical form. Seth Speaks is within you and not in a book. You are the book. Then joyfully listen to what your feelings tell you. Your thoughts and your feelings are both natural and both yours. And your joy is within you, Christmas or non-Christmas, Santa Claus or no Santa Claus, December 25 or the 4th of July. Your atoms and molecules shout with the joy of their own being; listen to them. Feel within their fleshy substance your own spirituality. “Look at the Christmas tree; your cells and molecules shine a million times more brightly. Your eyes glitter with far greater light. You are love in corporeal form. You do not have to look for it or wonder where to find it or give it in packages with bright ribbon. You are packages with bright ribbon. “Christmas is now and was yesterday and will be tomorrow. It is in you, in Buddha, in Pan, in Christ, in Mohammed, in an ant and in a frog, and in your eyes and with you, each of you. You are each, then, Christmas. You shine and glitter whether or not you know it. You shout `Merry Christmas’ even when you cry. You cannot deny your own vitality or being. “Let the vitality and energy, therefore, ring out through your own knowledge. Let it awaken within you the knowledge of your being. Dance through your own molecules and scatter your own petals! And I bid you all a merry Christmas!” SETH

And now I found this:

John Lewis – The Feeling from Blink on Vimeo.

Wonderful synchronicity :)

“That’s all there is to that idea of centering”

The best version of describing this formula:

(“Bashar – Mantra”: video)


Delicious pieces from AH LIVE

‎”It’s so interesting to get hold of a thought,
and even though it doesn’t feel good,
to proceed anyway,
because the proceeding is easier,
than the withdrawal from it,
because there is momentum in the proceeding.

And we want to care so much about feeling good,
that if it doesn’t feel good, you don’t proceed.

But you haven’t trained yourselves that way.

In school they say, ‘no matter how it feels, do this instead’.
And as little ones, you say: ‘What?? You’ve got to be kidding! This can’t possibly be right!’
And it isn’t.
But those around you who have given up their sensitivity to what feels good,
will encourage you to do the same.

And you have to reach this really broken and disfunctional place,
when you come to the seminars like this,
where we talk you back into the life.

You have to suffer long and hard, most of you,
before you’re willing to hear us when we say:

‘Life is supposed to feel good for you.
You’re supposed to feel happy.
You’re supposed to feel fun.
You’re supposed to feel your power and your wisdom.” ~ AH LIVE

There’re many more posted in my Facebook now:

Savoring the Now moment..

Such beautiful feeling.. :)

“There will always be another merging of another idea,
And there will always be another launching of new rockets,
And there will always be another coming into alignment with that,
There will always be another experiential .. knowledge and understanding that comes from it.

We just cannot resist the opportunity
To continue to bring you back around
To the richness and the perfection and the deliciousness
of the Now moments.

And as you care more about how you feel,
And you allow yourself to savour more the fullness of Who You Are,
Then in that alignment with the wholeness of Who You Are,
Where it was, becomes irrelevant,
Where it’s becoming, becomes irrelevant,
But the Now is everything.

As Seth said,
Your Power is in the Now.” ~ AH

Feeling a little bit down? Watch this!

(“Andrew Maze – Knock, Knock [Official Lyric Video]”: video)

Absolutely amazing calmer-down, soother, Vortexer :)

I just started my morning with it.. I’m so happy. I feel it like such a precious gift for me. :)

(“Abraham – soothing general well-being -deconstructing chatter”: video)

I am so so appreciative. :)