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The most favorite Russian New Year’s movie, for years and years! :)

This movie is of almost my age. :) And through all these years, every year, I think every channel on Russian TV shows it at least once. It is SO lovely.. It has amazingly lovely songs, besides the lovely scenario.

Here’s its description on IMDB: The Irony of Fate: someone, about to be married, goes to sauna with his friends (they have a tradition to do it every New Year’s eve), gets drunk.. and has his fate switched overnight. :)

I, like many many Russians (if not all of us), watch this movie every New Year, and usually I start playing it somewhere in the background in the house, just for the sound of it, for some time before the New Year. Just for the atmosphere. :)

Now I found its two parts on YouTube with English subtitles, very lovingly made. So you can watch it, too. And listen to its music. And I’m rushing to share it with you. :)

The Irony of Fate, part 1
The Irony of Fate, part 2

Happy watching! :)

The Energy of the 11-11-11

Do you believe that it is kind of a threshold, a gate, a special something?

I prefer to treat it like this: whatever I think, if it feels good, – I will want to think that. :)

And here: http://spiritlibrary.com/11-11-11 I found a lot of articles on 11-11-11, that do feel good to me. Even very good. :) So for me it’s a great stuff. How about you? :)