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My thoughts (and feelings) about Jerry

This morning a wonderful friend Ashley wrote to me, asking if it was true. There were only rumors. But I took them to heart and felt sad, then started the aligning, just saying by my habit “it’s my head, and I want pleasant thoughts to be in it. I want to feel good, at least a little better.”

Then I sent this message to Ashley:

“Ashley, I just found the information on The Abe Forum, that it is true. And then I started doing my vibrational work to align with a better cause of it, to align with my Source about it. And then a miracle happened. I’m almost reluctant to speak about it, my conscious mind tells me I must be out of my mind and I shouldn’t speak about it with other people, but I keep telling it that you’re from Abers, so I may. :) In short, I had these sorrows within me, that 1) we will feel kind of without father now; and 2) that it’s proof of something bad: that one can’t rely on applying the teachings, etc. But the miracle I had was thatwhen I started aligning, I suddenly felt Jerry present within me. And he told me (not in words, in the feeling, now I can more understand how Esther speaks Abraham’s words), that 1) now he can be present for all of us, all at once; and that 2) that it is a proof of something good and important, and that’s a meaning that is available to us and we can hold with it if we wish. I feel love and care from him, not a worrying care, but like a care of a trusting big friend. I would say parent, but the energy of parent has some worry and dependence in it, while what I feel like him, doesn’t. I feel so embraced in this love. Thank you for asking me. :) I asked about Esther, and the energy I felt there, was like it is all part of a good, well-planned process, that it is Esther’s life and only she can truly understand the (good) meaning of it, and that she will, it is her path. I may not put it in very precise words, but I’m trying. All is Well, he tells me, and adds, what, you had doubts? He just stands in this knowingness, which to me feels very reassuring.”

Then Mary posted a question about croaking.. brave woman. :) And I replied, there on “When I’m in the Vortex” group, sharing with her this message. And we had a beautiful conversation, when I was fluctuating between feeling ridiculed by my conscious mind, and feeling shame for that, and then aligning and really feeling Jerry again. So what I added there after that, was:

“OMG.. Eileen, I just went to read that media (Eileen mentioned that media are really making a big deal about it, stating it’s the end of Abraham-Hicks).. on one hand, prefer I didn’t do that :) on the other, I feel like it launched another rocket of desire within me I can now align to, I will go do that now.. But for now I want to say – there was one more thing I felt in this alignment this morning – I asked this energy, what will now be with Abraham-Hicks, if Jerry transitions. And the answer I got, felt like this: it will be not available in the old form, but it will be available in the new form, which will be much more powerful, on a much more powerful level. Now, from my work with alignment, I can feel what it means: you know, that feeling when we bounce from what we don’t want, into alignment, and then this new place opens for us and we feel on some new powerful level, and feel how it is so thanks to us taking the jump.. This is how I feel now about what Abraham-Hicks will become. I think consciously also, that those of us that will take this step and align, will feel all this on a new really powerful level. ..There is a photo of Jerry below, in a video, I feel from it like I usually feel from photo of people who made their transition. So I don’t know anything consciously about it, but it feels like this body is now like an old shell for Jerry, like he emerges now into a much more powerful stage of his life, like into a strong powerful mighty project. I love this feeling.”

“Also, I want to share my vision of what media is talking about: they say, it may mean the end of Abraham-Hicks, because how can one attract into his life something like cancer if living positively, with positive thoughts? And I want to share my recent really more feeling of it, than conscious coming to understand:

What we attract is two-part:

1) what gives us straightly the feeling we’ve been practicing in our reaching for alignment on that subject;

2) the means to continue the path.

And these means to continue the path are always synchronized, as if the world would be saying “Here’s what you can NOW resolve, dear one, to continue on this path of unfolding of this subject’s Vortex manifestation”. And we can take this step and align on it, and then raise to the new heights of clarity and manifestation on this subject’s stream. Or we can take it as evidence that it doesn’t work for us, which eventually will work for us even better: for from that will emerge the desire to just feel good, and then we will do the vibrational work to just come into alignment, and then we will come into alignment, with even more stuff in our Vortex on that subject and on probably many others. So really, all is well. :)

Also, I KNOW, I feel it, that doubting the teachings feels so bad for me, and going with the teachings feels so good, like ALL of me comes to play and live, when I’m going with the teachings, that I will believe it just for this sake. :)

I just heard in one AH clip: “these thoughts nail your feet to the floor”. This is how I feel about what media says. :)

I just felt again now this energy that I feel like Jerry and how it as if says to me: “The play is only starting!””

And now in the evening the email came from Esther. I’m so happy to see how she replies to what I felt about her this morning. And quite egotistically, I’m happy that what I was feeling, wasn’t delusional. :) And that I really have now access to Jerry! It really feels like he made himself really available to all of us, to continue the game on the powerful level.

So here you have it, my blessed beloved friend. I love you. :)

Here’s a webpage where we can express our appreciation for Jerry and the new insights: