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New stories – new understanding

A bit of understanding from AH LIVE yesterday:

“every consciousness is living in this constant expectation of improvement”
(not a precise quote)

– now I understand, why worrying is of such horrible taste – because it bucks such a general, global, ingrained flow.

I recently learned an interesting technique – to find a different flow image, and then transfer our subject at hand to that flow image.

For example, when I’m worrying about my health, and I’ve been convinced that the way it they saw, without their proposed actions, it could only get worse, like “the natural inclination” of it was to only become worse – and if I am influenced by their authoritative words to some degree, I can see that this expectation does not correspond to the general global flow of expecting wellness, expecting improvement, and I can find some examples in life that are going by that flow – for example, my skills, my experience in life – they’re only going and improving, naturally. Or the whole Universe, going and becoming wider, more extensive, with more richness, more variety, naturally. Or teachings of Abraham – all the time becoming just better, better and better. Or my understanding of life – always becoming better and better. Or my ability to express myself.

Thinking, listing all these I’m starting to associate myself more with this flow of constant natural improvement, enrichment, to more align with this flow. And ah that feels nice… :)

A point of a new story, actually. :)

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