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One more printout…

..I have on my wall, in addition to those I mentioned in the Downloads section:

This is how I see you

I see you as a loving person, as someone who wants the best for all around you.
I see you as an abundant person and as someone who wants more out of life.
I see you want to enjoy your time here in this magnificent world.
I see you as someone who knows how to be happy, who adores their family, who looks for the best aspect in the ones they love.
I see how good you are at making the best of things. At finding the gift in every situation.
I see you as a winner, as a lover, as a achiever.
I see you enjoying all the people around you.
I see you loving your life.
I see you loving your work and enjoying the variety of life.
I see you as a kind and patient person.
I see you as an abundant and generous person.
I see you receiving all your wishes because you give so much joy.

I see you achieve all you desire easily, effortlessly and joyfully.
I see your brilliance and your talents.
I see how much the universe adores you.

I see you as a student of life and of deliberate creation, finding more and more clarity everyday about how you will feel connected to your inner being and bring about all you desire.

I see the love that is you.
I see the light that is you.


Is this how you see yourself and the ones around you?

Love is you, remember to see it.

Your Greater self, the Universe…

I just love it. :)
It’s from here.

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