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10 favorite things about this LIVE AH broadcast!

It’s AH just coined this idea about finding 10 favorite things in everything. :)

So, here’re my 10 favorite things about this LIVE broadcast I just came from:

1. I heard it! I participated in it! I heard Abraham!!! :)

2. I soaked this energy of all the people who joined from everywhere around the globe, with such positive energies!

3. Abraham answered my every question. The feeling was so personal, it’s amazing! They just took, one by one, all the aspects of my life and all I wondered about, and gave me a specific workout on each subject. Amazing!

After each such recognizing, of the next and the next and the next subject that was just so MINE, :) I wrote to my “list of what I love and appreciate”: “this is really for me!!!” and then added TM, my abbreviation for “it’s the Truth and I want More of it in my life”. :)

4. I now have confirmation on what I wanted to do.

5. I now have more clarity on the process.

6. I was reminded of the old “In the Vortex” clip and was amazed that now I am much more aligned with it. Like, it’s much closer to me now, much more familiar.

7. I feel so light.. :)

8. Tomorrow morning I will get out of bed with SUCH appreciation and anticipation!! I will be so eager!! Will replay all the videos again and again, hearing answers to my questions again and again. :)

9. I’m going to sleep now with happy delicious anticipation for tomorrow.

10. I feel I did something very good for myself.

Well, I want to continue!!

11. I now feel readier to write my books.

12. I now have the idea that not only me that deems the beginning of the book “old news”. And that I could just write it in its entirety when it’s ready!

13. I have this idea about 10 favorite things process and I will be trying it more and more and more!

14. And Abraham says, that now the days will be easier, because I shifted my vibration. :)

I could continue more and more :) but I want to go to sleep :) to proceed it all in my sleep and come tomorrow somehow settled for more.

Good night!! :)

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