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Stepping stones

(Edited since the clip was removed from YouTube:

In a session I mentioned here, Abraham explained to a woman the whole issue of cravings and bad food choices. They said, that the first attempts to align may be very well those bad food choices, from which she feels pleasure on one hand, since the food is tasty, but guilty, because the food is thought to be unhealthy. The trick is, when she gets pleasure from it, to continue the process of alignment. And when she blames herself, she eliminates all the good this stage could give her, and goes back to the resistance she had before. Then she tries to align again, coming again to those bad food choices, blames herself again, goes back, etc.

AH gave this woman a mantra to say in this case:

“It’s alright for me to distract myself from negative emotion by indulging in something that I find pleasurable.”)

Amazing session. I realized it once when I was staying up all night reading, and then next day felt really bad – I realized that I was feeling bad mostly from blaming myself for depriving me from sleep, not so much from the absence of sleep.

And then I started to tell myself “what if it’s a step in the right direction?” “what if there’s something good in it?”

Then I felt better. And I was doing it consciously, realizing, that I wasn’t going to find the thoughts that are TRUE, OBJECTIVE, – instead, I was consciously looking for thoughts that would make me feel better, thus connecting to my Source.

Ah, it’s so good to be a deliberate allower. :)

Bashar says, that when we invalidate stepping stones, they just vanish and then they can’t be our stepping stones. “That situation brought me to where I am now, halleluja”. I guess, they would say, that Abraham helps with it to realize a stepping stone and use it.

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