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October’s Energy Forecast!

Winds of Calm, Winds of Chaos, Winds of Change….

Food choices: the new clarification

One more piece from this AH LIVE, I just remembered. Abraham called it “the best discussion of food we’ve ever had.”

When someone asked, how to choose – I want to eat that twinkie, I don’t want to limit myself, but I also want my weight to go down, –

Abraham replied (not a precise quote):

“it’s not that we don’t want you to eat that twinkie,
it’s your connection with Source that you want to matter to you *the most*.

So if your eating twinkie undermines your connection with Source,
then tend to your connection first,
and when it doesn’t, then do whatever your heart is pleased to do.”

It is so clarifying, I’m just amazed. No more torturing over any food choices. “Just keep your alignment the top priority and if you see something you’re up to be doing, is going to break that connection, then stop to align and then..” :)

More thoughts about the emotional grid

Now I’m starting to understand – when for my quicker getting what I want, the Universe brings me some events I see as “negative”, or I just look at what is and don’t like it, then indeed it’s my seeing this event/state/thing as positive or negative – is all that defines, what I experience later:

when I choose to see it as negative, or just don’t diffuse the resistance that becomes observable, then my emotional grid becomes THAT – these feelings of frustration, worrying, etc.

when I choose to see it as help on my way, as a positive part of the process, my emotional grid is filled with positive feelings of security, harmony, confidence, love, and then it is correspondingly filled, and I feel it – on the level of thoughts, feelings, inspirations and events.

What a perfect, harmonious mechanism.. Life is a miracle itself. :)

New notion from Abraham: Emotional Grid

A little about the new teachings

AH gave a new notion: emotional grid. Meaning, when we come into alignment with our desire, more and more, we establish the *emotional grid*, that is there to stay (at least, if these are the emotions that we prefer to have on that subject).

Law of Attraction then fills this grid with thoughts, ideas, events, people, rendezvouz, all the materialized stuff.

But the emotional grid – we’re responsible for setting it up. Actually, we anyway are doing it: regarding every subject we already have an emotional grid, just think about the subject and you’ll feel it.

And as is the quality of the emotional grid (quality not in the meaning of good-bad, but more of its emotional content), the filling is of the same quality.

Interesting, isn’t it?

When they said it, it settled SO well within me, as if they worded something *I* came to, that day, that moment, that minute..

And I realized then (indeed contrast rules!), that earlier I’ve been taking the “emotion as the first manifestation” more like a tool: that I come to emotion I want to have, and then the Universe “substitutes”, “exchanges” the emotion to the physical manifestation, and then I’ll live :))

Of course, I’m taking it to the extreme, of course, I felt the excitement and the woosh and the joy of the ride, of the journey, but when they said “emotional grid”, I realized, how much in comparison with that I took the emotional manifestation and the journey to be just a tool, that will bring me to the “real thing”.

(And it is me, knowing so well the joys of the vibrational journey, of conjuring the new emotion!.. I guess I’m more thinking now about some subject, where I so want to live the physical..:))

Bashar had this dialogue:

“Do you know personally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the being you desire to be, you are capable of being?

Yes, I know that.

All right. Then start using that certainty to your advantage. If you know you have the capability of imagining what you would like to be, understand, as we have said, that your ability to imagine what you would like to be is your ability to be that person, that version of you.

If you have the ability to conceive how you want to be, at the moment you conceive it, you are that person. But when you deny your imagination your reality and say, “Okay, I’ve imagined what I would like to be; now what do I have to see, what do I have to do, to become this idea?” you are placing all the steps in your way that it’s taking for you to get there.

Your ability to imagine that person is being that person — because if you weren’t of that vibration, you wouldn’t be able to picture it!

The events in your life can only be 100% reflective of the person you have decided you are. Allow yourself to recognize that your ability to even imagine there is another way to be, is being the other way.

All you need is a basic trust that at any given moment you have what you need; you know everything you need to know to be who you are being in that moment. As soon as you redefine who you are, you will know the things that person needs to know, regardless of what you’re seeing around you.

But these blocks within us — what are these blocks?

It is only your assumption that there is some mysterious “how” that needs to be known before you will act in the manner you desire.

You don’t have to wait for a reason to be happy in order to know you prefer to be happy. Create the effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of the causes to support the happiness you have created … just because you want to. And just because you say so. Because you are the creators of your reality, there doesn’t need to be any other why or how. What you say goes!”

And now with the “emotional grid” it’s so clear: we just come to the emotions we desire to live, and we establish them, not as a tool, but as something we intend to live. And then the path is so clear: we just *be* it, conjuring (I love this word, Abraham gave it in this sense on Sep 24) the emotions we prefer on this subject, new and new nuances, we live the emotional grid, and Law of Attraction then fills it exactly with stuff, corresponding to the emotional quality of this carcass..

And then the “slowing down” by the need to speed up the process of the physical manifestation, by any worry about it, is so understandable, too: this worry also becomes a part of our grid! And is then filled with stuff alike. No wonder it slows the process of getting the physical manifestation we prefer, down: we all the time build the grid, rebuild the grid, build the grid, rebuild the grid,.. The Universe isn’t “slow” in bringing us what we want, it is busy filling the grid all the time up to its new qualities. :)

I intend in the coming days to upload the AH’s explanation from the workshop – it just was in several pieces, I want to do a mix, to gather all the important parts. Stay tuned :)

Interesting experience + my personal miracle

A friend offered me this play, when we were sitting in a cafe: he would ask me questions and I was offered to write down the answers, not thinking too much, just taking what raises in me immediately as the answer. I didn’t know what the questions would be. :)

Then the questions started: “1. Who are you?” I said “Me”. :)

“2. Who are you?”, “3. Who are you?”, …, “10. Who are you?”

It was so interesting: I got the game, but with every question the answers were different. I don’t remember them all, I remember that the 5th or the 6th was “I can be different,” the 9th was “I am a tool, an instrument, of God,” and the 10th was “I am God’s fingers, His taste of life, His color of life, His happiness, manifestation of His intentions.”

And here the miracle happened: all the time that we were speaking, some music played there in the cafe, but I didn’t hear it, I was so into the play. But with the last words of the 10th answer, I suddenly heard the music, and what music it was!! It was singing:

“You are my happiness,
That’s what you are.”

I was shocked :) It sounded to me as if God was singing it to me, while I was writing that answer. Here’s this song:

(“You are my destiny – Paul Anka”: video)

“You are my dream come true
That’s what you are.”

“You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You’re more than life to me
That’s what you are.”

It’s good to be God’s happiness. :)

Remembering it, I prepared a play for you on YouTube:

(“Who Are You – 10 questions + Abraham-Hicks’s take on it”: video)

I found that it really feels good, to ask myself this question. As I said in the video, it seems that it belongs to the “General Positive” part (in “Specific Negative”, “General Negative”, “General Positive”, “Specific Positive” that Abraham teaches in the latest workshops).

..so, who are you? :)

Facebook tools

Do you have your Facebook link as http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001997602…?

If you would like to have your name in it, like this:

then go to http://www.facebook.com/username and choose the link you’ll love.

Loving you, :)

History is not the place to look for status updates

I had a wonderful experience.. I had some issue on my computer, and so I wrote to Microsoft support. When I got their email, my heart melted: it stated the problem and then said “I can imagine the inconvenience you have experienced.” Ah-ah.. such nice people sit there in support service.. or it’s just me being in the Vortex. :)

(Now, my problem was that Windows Update showed some statuses as Failed. I ran some other program to fix the issues, then looked at the list of statuses – it still had Failed sign on it.)

And what the support man said to me…. mmm I love it! He said: “I would like to inform you that it is just the history and history is not the exact place where we can find about the status of the updates.”

And it just hit me: how many times Abraham said, that we shouldn’t expect the bad stuff that we had in the past; this past created good things for us in our Vortex, and so now we should expect these good things, thus connecting with the Vortex! I realized now, that holding in my mind the picture of a relationship as it was instead of how it became in the Vortex, that’s what I was doing, looking in the history at the status!!

So now I have a new phrase for it, a phrase that gives me much relief: “It’s just history and history is not the place to look for status updates.”

Do you like it? :) I do. :)

Auto Replay on YouTube

If you, like me, love to replay some video time and time again, this Google Chrome extension will be useful for you, too:

Auto Replay for YouTube – Chrome Web Store

It can even replay some specific portion of the clip! Especially useful in writing down those precious AH words, like those in “You’re the only player” post I did these days.

By the way, the link, with the title of the page and with the “a” html wrapping, I got through another extension:

Copy Title+URL to clipboard – Chrome Web Store

So convenient!!!!!

Several years ago I knew only Internet Explorer. Then a friend showed me Firefox. It was good! But on my computer it was too slow. And I didn’t even try Google Chrome, because that same friend said, that Google takes too much information from the users, and who knows where it may end up……. Thanks to Abraham, Bashar, all my practice, now, when I realized that I don’t have to worry about anything!! – now I can use anything I want to. :)

So I installed Google Chrome and oh am I pleased with it. :) It’s fast, beautiful (I installed a theme with green green grass), and has extension that make my work with the browser such a delight.

But if you’re using Firefox, I think you may look for similar extensions there, too – it may have them. :)

Funny clip

(“Dream a little dream of me”: video)

Colorful word cloud for your blog

Mine is:

Get yours here! :)