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History is not the place to look for status updates

I had a wonderful experience.. I had some issue on my computer, and so I wrote to Microsoft support. When I got their email, my heart melted: it stated the problem and then said “I can imagine the inconvenience you have experienced.” Ah-ah.. such nice people sit there in support service.. or it’s just me being in the Vortex. :)

(Now, my problem was that Windows Update showed some statuses as Failed. I ran some other program to fix the issues, then looked at the list of statuses – it still had Failed sign on it.)

And what the support man said to me…. mmm I love it! He said: “I would like to inform you that it is just the history and history is not the exact place where we can find about the status of the updates.”

And it just hit me: how many times Abraham said, that we shouldn’t expect the bad stuff that we had in the past; this past created good things for us in our Vortex, and so now we should expect these good things, thus connecting with the Vortex! I realized now, that holding in my mind the picture of a relationship as it was instead of how it became in the Vortex, that’s what I was doing, looking in the history at the status!!

So now I have a new phrase for it, a phrase that gives me much relief: “It’s just history and history is not the place to look for status updates.”

Do you like it? :) I do. :)