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Abraham says, every day something happens, which puts us, even for a short time, in the Vortex. And that we could just start paying attention to these moments and this way enjoy them a little bit more.

In one of the blogs in my Livejournal Friends page, there’re posts that constantly do it for me. I don’t even manage to think that I like it, and I already feel there. :)

It’s a blog with paintings. Somehow, I guess, the blog author got aligned with those sunny, happy images, since she posts often, and the paintings are by different authors, but always, well 99% :), it’s something so sunny and happy, I just say “ah-ah..” and sit there enjoying it all… :)

Here’s one of those pics:

Here’s that blog:
http://levkonoe.livejournal.com/. Enjoy! :)

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