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Emotional ladder on feeling unworthiness in a relationship

It’s from a recent LIVE workshop by Abraham-Hicks: Abraham-Hicks LIVE Workshops Schedule.

It was amazing, it felt like Abraham was speaking directly to me all the time.. This piece was especially for me feeling sometimes a sharp feeling of unworthiness when I’m next to my godly boyfriend:

[it starts with, don’t blame yourself for feeling this, rather, say to yourself:]

I don’t have to figure this out now
things are getting better with me all the time
this new relationship is a reflection of who I really am
this new relationship is much more about what I want, than about what I don’t want
I had to be in a very good place or I couln’t have attracted this
things are working out very well for me
I never get it done and it is never wrong
it is just me figuring it out
and I’m having way more fun than I had in a long time
and I’ve made the right decision in order to this
if it weren’t right, it wouldn’t feel this good
there isn’t anything for me to fix
there’re many things that I’m looking forward to becoming, but I don’t have to do any of them this red hot minute
for now I’m well pleased with who I am and what I’ve come to
this relationship is a reflection of all of that
I’m doing really well
I’m so happy with myself”

Feels like a very gentle and productive focus wheel. :) Thank you, Abraham :) and Jerry, and Esther. :)

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