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Doing what you prefer NO MATTER WHAT

..just because it’s the life you would prefer. Amazing video:

(“to Make your Dreams Come True, Bashar”: video)

Delicious pieces from Bashar’s “The “I” of the Storm”

* Q. I freaked out.
A. Well, perhaps it would be better if you have freaked in, going inward.

* excitement is an overall organizing principle. Overwhelment comes only from resistance from takin on your natural expansion.

* Q. Sometimes it seems too complicated.
A. I know. But that’s what makes it most exciting for you. You like that degree of challenge. You can change that, if you wish to. But understand, that’s why you created these challenges.

* Do you see the version of yourself that exists in the parallel reality you say you shift to?
How does that version of you behave differently, than you are? Observe, how she is behaving, and mirror her. And you will be able to shift to that vibration.

[O.F. By the way, when I was thinking about it, I noticed, that when I’m thinking “what it is in the Vortex”, it is somehow harder for me to connect to it, because I perceive it as of hierarchy, as it is “better” than where I now am, and so it is “higher”, and I, like, cannot quite connect to it, take from it something. And here, when it is about the parallel realities, I suddenly find that I can quite easily connect to that version of me in the reality I prefer to live.]

* the best protection is in not needing any.

* it’s not that you’re learning to shift, you’re just becoming conscious that you always have been shifting, thus you can direct it consciously in the way you wish.

* when you arrive at a place that seems like a dead end, very often it’s simply an arrow, pointing in an unexpected direction.

* if you’re experiencing something that feels like 80% of your excitement, it’s not the idea of your excitement! that’s a whole different idea all together.

* when you stay in the vibration that IS representative of your wholistic excitement, even when not all the components are represented by that moment, by staying in that vibration you will receive the understanding, the inspiration and the knowledge, that will let you know the difference.

* you will come out of it a different person. You’re not there yet, but you will be.

* heaven is right here. Hell is right here, too, if you want it to be.

* when we’re speaking of excitement, it doesn’t mean only jumping up and down. Excitement can be also expressed as a state of balance, rest and peace. (I love it!) Perhaps, it would simply be more appropriately labeled your signature vibration, whatever way it wishes to express itself.

* anytime something like that seems not to be working for you, it’s a good indicator you’re using someone else’s definition, instead of the one you would prefer to invent. (simply brilliant!) :)

* Q. sometimes I have resistance to my excitement.
A. why?
Q. I don’t know..
A. yes, you do. You’re simply also resisting knowing that you know. You can amplify in your imagination, asking yourself, what the worst case that would happen, if I went forward and act on my excitement. By acknowledging it that way, you can paint a more clear picture of what it might actually be.

* Q. so how do we make that bridge?
A. by allowing yourself to express the idea that only by allowing yourself to be your true self by acting on our highest excitement and joy, which is your signature vibration, will you allow for the smoothing out to occur that will allow you to encounter anything you need to encounter, without resistance and without fear. (that was there for me :))

* Q. so how do we change those people?
A. it’s not about changing those people, it’s only about changing yourself and shifting to a reality, where versions of those people already exist in a way, that’s more reflective of the vibration you prefer. (I love the wording of it!) It’s never about the way for you to change someone else, because there is no way for you to do that.

(how not to remember Bashar’s “it’s not about power, it’s about clarity.”)

* Live your life story as fully as you can,
for it adds to All That Is in immeasurable and beautiful ways.

The CD & DVD are here: http://bashar.org/store.html#hurricane

I love this guy!! :)

Dancing to this now:

(“Rocky Leon – My Life is Fun (Loop) – with improvised vocals and guitar”: video)

What a song for a great morning! :)

(“Rocky Leon – Hallelujah (cover)”: video)

and check the previous post, Quit Your Whining :)

Quit Your Whining :)

Together with these:

‎”Of course when you see good-feeling things you feel good.

But if you don’t allow yourself to feel better before that situation changes, this is that suffocating disallowing of who you really are.” ~ AH

‎”The idea of integration (going on Earth now) is that you have to have something to integrate! If there’s just light, – nothing to integrate.” ~ Bashar

‎”When we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are.”
~ Abraham

“The tide is rising. Catch a bigger wave.” ~ Bashar, on 11.11.11 event

‎”In your relaxation,
there is the acceptance of your worthiness.” ~ AH

‎”We want to convince you that through life,
you’ve become this vibrational being.
And it’s finding alignment with this vibrational being
that is what true love is.

Finding your soulmate is mating with your soul.
Coming into completion with who you are constantly becoming
is the first and necessary step.” – AH

‎”You aren’t alive now to be normal or ordinary, satisfied with rehashing the past. Do not settle for a carbon copy of yesterday.” ~ Selacia

“There are thousands of potential partners for you who would be equal in the satisfaction value. You’re not looking for the one and only. And where the perfect partner lies is in your vibrational range between where you are and where you want to be on the subject, in other words, you’ve got to create the perfect partner in you and the Universe will match it.” ~ AH

‎”And ‘realists’ will call you delusional till the last breath that you breathe.
But your influence will be evident, we’re not kidding you.” ~ AH

‎”Are you Source Energy in a physical body? Are you?
Then why are you putting up with emotions that don’t feel like it?” ~ AH

‎”You’re supposed to feel good and you can. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it.” ~ AH

‎”We want your desires to be your focal point of joy.” ~ AH

“It didn’t go away,
you’re just in the process
of clarifying it more.” ~ AH

‎”And sometimes you have to get yourself in a jam,
where you can’t control the condition,
in order to discover your power,
and then in the discovery of your power
the condition shifts.” ~ AH

“People are running around in enormous and unnecessary fear,
being afraid that something bad will happen to them.
And at the basis of that fear is self-imposed vulnerability:
they haven’t taken their power,
they let conditions control the way they feel.” ~ AH

‎”You get it done every time you get the emotion of well-being.” ~ AH

“You didn’t come here to be partially alive.
You came here as life to express itself in this moment, and in this moment, and in this moment.
You came to revel in it, not to fix things.” ~ AH

‎”You can bring yourself into alignment within 10 minutes,
every time.” ~ AH

Getting lost will help you find yourself. ~ Unknown

and this:

(“Rocky Leon – Quit Your Whining (on the boat from vancouver island to washington)”: video)

my mix for this morning :)

This may soothe you

if you have some challenging times.

(“Bashar – You Chose To Be On Earth”: video)

Self-encouragement is the path to all things that I want

(“Abraham Hicks – Lose Weight with Self Encouragement”: video)

Beautifully said

“Gratitude is the state of being open to what is present around you. It’s receiving, being fully open — without judgment — to the state of what is around you. Energetically, gratitude is an invitation into the third chakra to take in the totality of the energy of that which surrounds you.” ~ Talyaa Liera

Bashar on unity, uniqueness and support

“..So that you can thus then be self-empowered individuals,
and thus by being fully self-empowered individuals
work harmoniously together
with other self-empowered individuals.

Because when everyone is truly
the fullest individual they can be,
that’s when you get true unity and harmony on your planet.

It is not the idea of becoming homogeneous
that creates unity,
it is the idea of truly being the unique individual
you were created to be.

Thus then by being that individual fully,
you contain the vibratory frequencies,
you contain the inspirations,
you contain the imaginings necessary
to allow you to see, how it is,
that your place fits,
that your piece fits automatically
with every other piece also being their true selves.

Just like all the puzzle pieces in the big picture,
are made to fit together to make the big picture.

If you try to be a shape you’re not,
you won’t fit.
But if you’re the shape you’re created to be,
you fit with all the other pieces beautifully
and create the big picture that supports all of you.
” ~ Bashar, in 11.11.11 event

Extended version of the video in the previous post

Accidentally clicked. :)) Do I LOVE the synchronicity :)) 2nd part explains what passive income is!

(“Abraham ~ Wants to make money without any action – Part 1 of 2”: video)

(“Abraham ~ Wants to make money without any action – Part 2 of 2”: video)

Wow! It happens as I go! :)

In the previous post I wrote about taking action to express the new energy I prefer, but still, somewhere in the background it was also about “if I don’t take action, how then will it come to exist?” in it. Yes, I know, I know, it comes, it is so obvious, when thought “from the outside”, but inside, when the specifics seem to cover it all, it’s just so hard to accept. I was even crying a little bit yesterday, feeling “I need the clue! It’s hard for me not to see it at all!”, saying to myself on one hand, I don’t really need to see it now, and the vibrational work (play? I didn’t find an appropriate word for it yet. Maybe, “developing the vibrational project”?) is actually much more productive when I don’t see the physical solution, but on the other, my human nature (or probably as Bashar would say, my physical mind, wanting to be in charge), demanded some reason to be put on ease…

After going general, going with some meditations yesterday, some revealing, relieving and releasing, I said to myself: “I will let this reveal itself to me.”

But somewhere, I guess, the question still was there.

Now, checking the previous post in Facebook, I paid attention to “People You May Know” – it was impossible not to, one person (Ashley Stephenson) attracted me immeasurably, it was amazing, as if her energy stood out really really big time. I sent her a friendship request, and she confirmed immediately. I felt really drawn there.. so I went to her wall and found this:

(“Abraham Hicks: create money without action?”: video)

Day by day, I feel it more and more, how the Universe s caring for me, providing me with answers, just what I wanted, at just the right time.. I feel so love and responded to, and cared for.. I feel deeply loved. Thank you, the Universe. And you. :)