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To “perpetuating what is”

“The other paradox has to do with quantum mechanics – Tom uses the example of an atom that could be in one of two states (A or B). Within a minute it has a 50% chance of decaying to state B from state A. The act of measuring a particular state within the first minute appeared to stop the atom from changing its state (or decaying) provided that a measurement of its state was made, despite that the atom had a probability of changing its state. This became a paradox because the act of measuring should not affect the decay behavior? If reality is a probabilistic system; then every time you make the measurement prior to the time that it has a 50% chance of decay you are most likely to get an ‘A’ state, hence you get an A and there is no longer any uncertainty. This has the effect of re-setting the system so that uncertainty has to build up again in order for the state to change when you are not looking. As long as you are looking for it in A then it never decays. This is another example of a probabilistic virtual reality giving you an easy answer to this behavior.”

by Thomas Campbell, in his MBT Wiki

(“Tom Campbell: Zeno’s Paradoxes Solved by MBT Science Model”: video)

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