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Evernote & Scrivener, amazing for a writer :)

Initially I wanted a tool for writing books, such that it would be available and synchronizing over different devices: Kindle, Android tablet, smartphone, PC, etc. I tried different programs, and finally someone “accidentally” :) showed me Evernote. It was excellent!

Google Chrome has a nice extension, Evernote Clipper, that helps to save all kinds of pieces from web pages to one place. And I could add all my book ideas to Evernote as I go, from my phone or tablet or whatever, and then have them at my computer, ready for editing and being used. I used “notebooks” in Evernote as books, and each note was or a section, or a whole chapter. These book notebooks went into the stack “My Books”, while I had more stacks, for other subjects.

So I wrote books in some combination of Evernote and Microsoft Word. And recently, someone showed me Scrivener…….. What a pleasure it is!!! Just to read its tutorial – a brilliant way to build it! So nice to learn in such a pleasant environment. It can show the book outline, it has a corkboard, it can help me to outline and move and build my books in a convenient way, and it allows me to write in a customized full-screen no-distraction environment, so beautiful I’m just enjoying the experience! :) It has so many features, which are just nice to have. People say, they increase productivity, I say, they increase fun. :)

So I wanted to import my books from Evernote to Scrivener, but no matter, how I tried – Scrivener was adding them as “media”, in a Research section, and I wanted to use them in Drafts.

I tried to drag and drop, export-import, and finally found the way. :) There was one little checkbox that changed it all.

So the path is (unless you find something even more productive, please let me know!):

1. Export notes (can be one note, can be even a whole notebook) in Evernote. Choose the option of saving them as multiple HTML files.

2. Open in Scrivener Tools –> Options –> Import/Export, and check the box next to “Convert HTML files to text”

3. On a folder in Scrivener, where you want to add them, right-click on that folder in the binder and choose Add -> Files.


If you saved all the exported notes in one separate folder on your computer, then you can just drag the whole folder into the binder of Scrivener!

That’s it! It saves all the rich formatting options I had set in Evernote notes: bold, italics, font color etc. So so nice!

By the way, Scrivener is still now at $20 instead of $40 at appsumo. And it’s not an affiliate link. :)

..It just feels so nice, so perfect: I’ve wanted my writing books to be of more fun, and here the tool is coming, which exactly feels like fun, and ease, and power together with lightness. I love it. :)

Good day!! :) ♥

Good to remember :)

via Eternal-joy

Beautiful! :)

Finding Balance Rampage

“There is more POWER in “Isn’t that pretty?” than there is in “I’ve set goals and I’m going to make it happen and I’m really good at this and I know what to do and I’m gonna get out there and things are gonna work out for me”. There’s much more POWER in
“Isn’t that beautiful?”
Look how that is working out for me
Look how a good place I’m in
I’m so happy about what I’ve put in my Vortex and
I know it will eventually come to me in perfect timing and
I’m not too worried about the timing
I’m gonna let it come when it comes and
I know my work is just relaxing and allowing it to reveal itself to me because of my readiness, and
I now understand that my readiness is what really matters, and
My readiness is about focusing in a place that allows me ease
It’s like creating from the inside out
It’s a focusing upon conditions already in my control
My bed is so soft and my pillow is so good, and
The temperature in my room is just right, and
The sun is gonna come up in the morning and,
The moon is in the sky tonight, and
My planet is spinning in its orbit, and
The water is moving around the planet, and
The wellbeing is evident when I look for it, and
There’s so much going well not just for me, but for all of us, so much going well, and
I like knowing that I am the creator of my own reality, and
I’m getting better at it all the time, and
I don’t have anything to prove to anybody, and
Everything that I want is because I will feel better in the experiencing of it
But I like knowing that I’m an extension of Source Energy, and
I’m happy here in this contrasting environment, and
I’m eager to carve out what I want, and
I believe that my Vortex is full of those choices and,
I can’t think about them all at once without getting out of balance but I don’t have to.
I trust that they’re there,
I’m just gonna generally accept that they’re there, and
I know in the subject of my body and the subject of my home and the subject of my relationships and the subject of my finances and the subject of my life that I’m basically in a place of wellbeing, and
I’m eager for Law of Attraction to bring more and more evidence of that wellbeing, and I like the evidences that come.
Oh, I love the momentum.
And now I understand that my work is to get it straight in the beginning and as the momentum comes, it’s pleasing
I’m willing to stay here as long as it takes to get it vibrationally straight for me
I’m willing to get up 15 minutes earlier to get off on the right foot because I accept that when I slumber momentum stops and that I can start anew.

Sort of like when someone walks up to you and hands you a pile of books that is 20 feet tall and they were steady and handed it to you. Well, you’re probably not gonna be ready for that right away. You’re probably not going to be ready for that, but if someone handed you a book and then handed you another one, and then handed you another one, and then handed you another one and you just keep getting your balance, and you just keep getting your balance, and you just keep getting your balance, it might get up there pretty good.
You see where we are getting at?
So, you want to find your balance early on and you can; and then Law of Attraction will just keep bringing you another piece that’s in balance and another piece that’s in balance and another piece that’s in balance, until you’re so in balance that it doesn’t matter what anybody brings you, it won’t set you out of balance because you’ve established you balance, you see…”

Abraham Hicks, Albuquerque, March 22nd, 2014