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Anticipate what you want like children anticipate Christmas

(“Roncar speaks: How To Cultivate Happiness In Your Life”: video)

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Use your own guidance

“These are complicated times,
you are surrounded by so many others,
who have so many different agendas,

and almost everybody you know,
wishes you were different in some way.

And if you let
their wish for you to be different
become your guiding light,
you will go out of your mind.

And that stubbornness you sometimes feel,
when people try to bust you around,
or when they try to influence you from their point of view
When you begin to feel that resentment rise up within you

All that means is –
You know that you have guidance that is coming forth from within
and you want to follow your own guidance

rather than trying to walk to the beat
of all of those drummers
beating around you,
each of them with a different intention,
and none of them able to tune in to the frequency
that is purely who you are.

You have guidance, coming forth from within you,
and it is our desire that you become the selfish being
that you were born to be.

People sometimes don’t like hearing that,
because they think that if you were really benevolent,
if you were really the kind, generous person that you’re supposed to be,

that you would put everyone else’s interests ahead of yours,
and that you would just meekly merge into their patterns
of what they want.

And we say, – compromise and compliance, and agreement, and cooperation – are all wonderful attributes,
we know you want to get along with one another,

but never let what someone else desires about you,
to supersede that signal that is coming forth from within you.”

— Abraham-Hicks, Telling New Story